Learning how to use nail buffing cream can help you have healthy nails. Your daily activities, like washing the dishes, and cleaning, can damage your nails. Therefore, you need at least a monthly buffing to make sure you treat and protect your nails. Many beauty companies provide super-fine frit files and multi-way buffing blocks. However, you need to know that a little nail buffing cream and a chamois buffer will help you just as much.

All nails have small ridges which prevent them from cracking. Many experts indicate that sanding those ridges might wear your nails down and they are totally against it. If you buff with nail growth instead of doing this across your nails will offer some sheen without causing severe damage.

A nail buffing cream can protect your nails, offering them a natural glow

First, you need to prep your fingernails by applying cuticle oil around the cuticles and gently push them back using a flat-tipped orange stick. To make sure you are not pushing too hard, wrap a very thin washcloth around the tip of your orange stick.

Second, use the roughest side of the multi-way buffer or a 2,400-grit buffing file. Furthermore, rub the nail upward, in the direction of growth, in short, with soft strokes. You might need only a few strokes, from three to five to smooth out any thick ridges. If you are not that good at nail buffing, try to use it as less as possible not to damage your nail. If you buff for too long or too hard, you will notice that your nails will break more easily.

Next, turn the buffer on the smoother side. Furthermore, you can choose a buffing file of about 4,000 grit. You need to use the same upward motion, gently rubbing the nail until is smooth. You can use a few more strokes since this side of the buff is finer. After using the third side of the buff for a glossy finish, apply a thin coat of clear polish to keep your nails from breaking.

Use a washcloth to apply a small amount of buffing cream on each nail. Finish by using a clear strengthening polish if your nails are prone to breakage. Now, let’s take a look at five nail buffing cream that could help you.

Super Nail Professional Buffing Cream

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It will be easier for you to buff your nails when you use this amazing buffing cream.

Strictly Professional Nail Buffing Cream

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This cream will alleviate signs of damaged nails. It contains Camphor and Almond Oil.

Winning Nails Nail Buffing Cream

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This product works on natural nails, offering an incredible shine. It reduces ridges and does not require a top coat.

Skintruth Manicure Nail Buffing Cream

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It helps to brighten the nail surface and smooth polish. This product contains Grape Seed Oil to condition and softens your nails.

Kaeso Mirror Shine Nail Buffing Cream Buffs

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This amazing nail buffing cream will help your nails regain their natural shine.

Summing up, all these products can help you have strong nails, offering them a natural glow and protecting them from damages.