We, girls, always want to look nice, and an important role in being beautiful is played by having a cool nail design. Are you looking for inspiration? Well, you should look for original ideas on Instagram. It is one of the best online resources when it comes to beauty, fashion, and style. All the art inspiration you need comes from popular nail artist accounts.

Top 5 Popular Nail Artist Accounts

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Alicia Torello

She was appreciated for her work at the Met Gala, where she amazed the public with her punk rock reinterpretation. Alicia is a talented celebrity nail artist. She is also a dedicated author on Allure. Her designs are fresh, unique, and playful. Torello is the one to pick if you think about having a manicure that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Darcy Sparrow

Her account always presents new brands of nail polish, that some of us did not even know about. She also introduces new concepts of nail art techniques such as thermos nail polish, glow in the dark polish, and more. Darcy is an appreciated nail artist due to her wide range of designs, from simple and minimalist ones to complicated state-of-the-art nails.

Karen Gutierrez

Karen is a nail artist who likes keeping things simple and classy. She likes nails to be well-lit as well as classic and beautiful. Gutierrez knows her way around matte nails designs. She became even more famous after she took good care of Selena Gomez and Becky G’s manicures.

Chelsea King

Chelsea is a passionate nail artist who fell in love with fashion from an early age. At first, nail design was just a hobby for her but later, it became a real and satisfying profession. Her blog became a success soon after its launch, and Chelsea won hundreds of thousands of followers from all over the globe. Famous online sites like Huffington Post and Nylon Magazine Blog asked her to create some nail design tutorials for the public.

Taryn Multack

Taryn, also known as Miss Ladyfinger, is a creative nail artist from New York. She quit her corporate job to pursue her dreams of becoming one of the most famous and appreciated nail gurus in the world. It turns out her decision was a great one since she has a lot of success with her creations. Taryn has a degree in fashion design, and she collaborated with fashion moguls such as Oscar de la Renta.

Putting It All Together

All these nail artists wanted to pursue their true passion. We can all see they made the right decision, because they have become not only successful but also fashion icons when it comes to nail design. Even if you are not a nail artist, you can still manage to create a simple yet beautiful manicure by following their accounts and paying attention to their tutorials.

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