Fall is coming! So, girls get ready to be stylish with the following nail art designs for autumn 2016. Fortunately, trends are quite flexible in 2016, and you can wear a wide range of styles and shades. A look is not complete without the proper nail polish. Don’t worry if you think that going to a professional manicurist is too expensive. You can do all these varieties by yourself, at home.

Easy Nail Art Designs You Should Consider in Fall 2016

Pumpkin-Colored Bows

orange bow nail art designs

You can choose a vivid orange color that reminds you of autumn leaves. For a sassy look, you can even use two different nail polishes to create a contrasting look. On your middle finger, you can create a bow, to make an overall girly appearance. This is not only a simple nail art design, but it is also cute and stunning.

Design Source: fairlycharming

Minimalist Look

minimalist look for an autumn outfit

Fall stands for simple yet classy looks. This is why we recommend you some of the simplest nail art designs based on lines and abstract models. For the best contrast, you can choose white and black shades of nail polish. First, apply the white shade all over your nails. To make sure your lines are straight, you can use tape. Just glue it on your nails before applying the polish. Then, gently remove the tape.

Design Source: beautylab

Reverse French Tip

reverse french tip for an elegant look

Choose autumn colors such as shades of red, gold, brown. This is one of those cute nail art designs because it is extremely feminine. After applying the main color on your nails, draw a thick line of another contrasting shade. Instead of placing this line on the tips, put it on the other edge of your nails. It will create an overall elegant look.

Design Source: abyfine

Autumn Leaves

fall leaves nail art designs to create a joyful look

To create this design, you will need one nail polish for the base color, and at least one other contrasting shade. Also, to create the leaves, you have to use a needle or a smaller nail brush. After the base color has dried, start creating the shapes of the leaves. It is a great and creative look. What says autumn better than brown and gold leaves. An extra tip: you can combine more colors such as brown, red, green, and yellow to obtain a unique look.

Design Source: YouTube

Ombre Style

ombre nails an original and creative nail design

Ombre nails are similar with ombre hair. It is one of the fall nail art designs that inspires a lot of women. This is that specific type of manicure that displays gradient shades of polish. All you have to do is to apply the base color on the entire length of your nails. Then, use a small sponge to press the second shade on the tips of your nails. To complete the process, apply a transparent nail gel. This will act as a topcoat and protect your design from getting ruined.

Design Source: YouTube

Final Words

If you are wondering what you should do to complete an outfit, elegant nail art designs are the answer. Try all these styles described above, and match each one with a different dress or attire. Welcome autumn 2016 with creative and unique nail models, and make sure to stand out in the crowd.

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