Do you want to have an elegant and classy manicure? Then, you should try matte nail polish styles. These polishes are eye-catching, being available in a wide range of colors and designs. You can choose from plenty of options such as metallic shades, shimmer, pastel colors, and even neon pigments. If you want your nails to look shine-free, apply a matte nail polish. Keep reading to discover which are the best brands when it comes to this type of manicure.

Top 7 Matte Nail Polish Options

beautiful matte nail polish

O.P.I. Matte Top Coat

This matte nail polish will offer you a red-carpet manicure. If you want to have nails as beautiful as those of celebrities, without going to a salon, you can try O.P.I. Matte Top Coat. It costs only ten dollars, and you will be pleased with how quick it dries, giving you a luxurious look.

MAC Wham, Bam, Glam

The color of this matte nail polish will remind you of a mix of milk and chocolate. It is a cool and elegant shade. You can wear it during the day or at soirees and other events. It will give you a completely different appearance than the regular shiny colors. For better results, you should apply three different layers of polish.

Zoya Lolly

Zoya Lolly is one of the most popular matte nail polishes on the market. Women adore it due to its funky bright color. If you like pink, this is the right manicure style for you. Make sure to apply no less than three coats if you want to achieve that perfect luxurious look.

Essie Nail Color, Spun in Luxe

Don’t get confused by how the color appears to be through the bottle. On the outside, it seems like an iridescent nail polish. However, once you open it and apply it on your nails, you will be pleasantly surprised by how quick it changes its texture into a matte manicure. This type of blue is perfect for fall.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer, Onyx Rush

This matte nail polish costs only three dollars, and it offers you a punk-rock kind of style. Black nails will always be in trend. If you are in the right mood, you can amaze others by wearing a shine-free black manicure. Remember to tone down the dramatic effect, though.

Orly Blue Suede

This brand has developed a Matte Couture collection. If you are a fan of denim blue color, this is the right shade for your taste. Even though this polish creates a shine-free manicure, it still provides a bit of gloss to your nails. It resembles suede. You will only have to apply two coats to create a durable manicure.

Avon Matte Violeta

Do you want royal nails? Avon’s Matte Violeta creates the perfect royal purple matte manicure. Even though it offers a matte finish, it still keeps a bright look. You should definitely purchase it if you want to start a collection of dark matte nail polishes. Like the one previously described, this polish requires two coats.

Final Words

For many years, glossy and shiny nails were fashionable. It is not the case anymore. Matte nail polish is trendy now, having a huge success among fashionistas. This unique and original look will make you stand out in the crowd, for sure. Try the options described above, and see which one suits your preferences.

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