Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Review

Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo review

Those with moderate-to-heavy dandruff plaguing the scalp area have to suffer the embarrassment and inconvenience that comes along with dandruff dust shoulders. When you also have color-treated hair and a sensitive scalp, finding a shampoo to solve all these problems together becomes hard. I am a rather hard-to-satisfy client when it comes to shampoos: I want them to help me get rid of dandruff, make my hair soft and smooth, and allow me to preserve my hair color for longer periods.

One of my work colleagues was talking about the Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff shampoo around the office as being one of the best dandruff shampoo choices for women like me. I know sage is a natural ingredient with tradition in hair care, so after some thought, I researched this shampoo online.

I found the reviews to be positive and I learned there were other people like me who shared similar problems – and they were excited with the results offered by this shampoo. I decided to test it and see how it worked. Since my boyfriend also has some mild dandruff problems I considered to make a little experiment and see if this product was indeed as good as people said.

We have using this shampoo for three weeks now and it is time to share our experience with others as well.

​Things to Consider before Buying the Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

People with dandruff can easily relate to our problem. Dry itchy scalp with dandruff tendencies needs special care. I have thin hair as well, with a tendency to breaking and falling. My boyfriend has thick curly hair that tangles fast. As experiments go, this shampoo fit the bill.  

After three weeks of using the Maple Holistics Sage anti-dandruff shampoo, we reached some common conclusions – besides the fact that it works great. These are the main things you should know before you buy this product.

  • Possible side effects: The shampoo should not cause any side effects on anybody. However, if you feel some discomfort while using it, stop using it. The shampoo is hypoallergenic, so you should be fine. However, if you experience any type of discomfort, discontinue its use immediately.  

  • Efficiency: The shampoo began showing the anti-dandruff results in both of us after the first week of use (three times a week washes). It contains effective anti-inflammatory and anti-septic ingredients to combat dermatitis. Sage is also a natural benefit for those experiencing problems with hair loss. The spikenard works to restore pigmentation to the hair and assists in the battle against dermatitis. This exotic and luscious addition also works together with sage to promote hair growth. We both experienced great dandruff control, hair strengthening, hair softness and less hair fall.

  • Scent: The scent is OK. Given the mix of natural ingredients and artificial ones, you will achieve a spicy hair fragrance, which does not interfere with other scents (perfumes, body washes) you may wear on your body. I did not particularly loved the scent but it did not bother me either. I think it is the tea tree oil in the shampoo that spoils an otherwise nice fragrance.

  • Type of hair and skin: The shampoo works well for all types of hair and skin.  

  • Multiple hair benefits: This shampoo does have multiple hair benefits. Besides offering you a cleansed hair and scalp, it removes dandruff, corrects excess scalp sebum, heals itchiness, soars, flakes, and patches, and contributes to hair growth and thickening. The botanical keratin plays an important role in restoring healthy hair.

  • Family friendly: This shampoo worked amazing for both my boyfriend and I, so I can say it is family-friendly (age and gender independent).  

Who Should Buy This Shampoo

This is a great shampoo containing many natural ingredients, which gets you rid of dandruff, patches, flakes, frizzy tangled hair, falling hair and so on.   

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Who Should Not Buy This Shampoo

If you are allergic or sensitive to any of this shampoo’s ingredients, you should look for something else. In addition, if you look for products designed to medically treat your dermatological issues, you should also look for something else.

Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains sage, botanical keratin, tea tree oil, rosemary, spikenard, jojoba, and argan oil to name a few. They are all common ingredients you can find in hair and skin treatments. Moreover, Maple Holistics has a good reputation when it comes to natural/organic skin and hair products. I appreciated this shampoo a lot, even if it comes in a too small bottle for an entire family to use.

I think I can sum up everything by conveying the pros and cons of this shampoo as follows:


  • Effective for dandruff and scalp problems prevention and control
  • Multiple hair benefits besides dandruff control
  • Family-friendly


  • You may not like the scent
  • It contains some artificial ingredients
  • Too little product for an entire family

Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Features and Benefits​ 

I admit I bought this shampoo because of a co-worker’s recommendation. I do not regret my choice. This shampoo worked great for my dry scalp and colored hair. It also worked great for my boyfriend’s frizzy, curly, tangled hair as well. We both have mild dandruff and my hair breaks or falls sometimes.  

Since we are about to finish the bottle, I can say with a certainty that we will buy more. This bottle has an average size and it would last longer for one person only. When you have two people using it three times a week, you reach the bottom of the recipient fast.

However, these are this shampoo’s features and benefits we enjoyed the most and we found to be the most important:

  • The shampoo comes with an enriched formula containing natural/organic ingredients besides the artificial ones. I appreciated the presence of sage, a legendary natural hair care ingredient. In addition, the essential oils and extracts helped us with getting better, healthier hair.

  • The shampoo has multiple hair benefits: We both experienced dandruff and itchiness relief. I also experienced less issues related to my dry scalp and hair. My boyfriend experienced hair detangling, better hair growth, hair thickening, and hair softening. I felt my hair and scalp cleansed and refreshed.
  • The shampoo is unisex. My boyfriend was very happy with this shampoo.

  • It is made in the USA. I found this to be great because we are all supporting local brands and businesses.  

  • The shampoo is paraben free, sulfate free, and vegan friendly.
  • The shampoo comes from a trusted brand using only natural ingredients that are mild and hypoallergenic.

  • The shampoo is cruelty free, which we both appreciate a lot.

  • The shampoo is safe for color-treated hair.
  • Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


    ​Multiple Hair Benefits


    ​Family Friendly


    Final Score


    Social Proof

    Constant, hard-to-get-rid-of dandruff a major issue for many people, especially sensitive ones suffering from eczema, winter itch, dandruff, dermatitis, hair falling, and more. As I said, I looked the product online and saw it had great reviews from people sharing our problems. If you also look at these reviews, you will also learn this shampoo is worth a try.

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    Alternatives to the Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    When you search the Internet for a specific product, you also bump into other similar products as well. I listed here three alternatives to the Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, hoping that they may work even better for you.

    This shampoo can also work well for both men and women. This shampoo is medicated and recommended for more serious dandruff and scalp issues. It comes with dermatologists’ recommendation.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People who want a medicated shampoo that has anti-dandruff properties.

    Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo vs. Nizoral Shampoo Comparison

    • Both have anti-dandruff properties;
    • The Ketoconazole 1% in Nizoral controls flaking, scaling, and itching;
    • Nizoral comes with doctors’ recommendations;
    • Nizoral does not come with so many multiple hair benefits;
    • Maple Holistics is cheaper.

    If you want an alternative to Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, check out the Nizoral A-d Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as well. It may even work better for your more complex and severe hair and scalp problems.

    I listed this shampoo here, even if it is men only, because I am aware that men are more vulnerable to dandruff. My boyfriend tried Clear shampoos for men before and he insisted we offer a men-only alternative.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    Men who want to control dandruff, get better looking hair, and feel better about their hair overall.

    Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo vs. Clear Shampoo Comparison

    • Both work great for dandruff control in men;
    • Clear comes with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients;
    • Clear contains vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean and coconut oils and aloe vera ;
    • Clear is not unisex, nor family-friendly;
    • Clear comes with even smaller bottle and higher price than Maple Holistics Sage.

    If you want an alternative to the Maple Holistics shampoo that is dedicated to men, check out the Clear Men Scalp Therapy 2-in-1! It may be what people have always been looking for!

    This is another excellent option in the best dandruff shampoos department, and it seems to be unisex as well. It also seems to be natural.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People who want natural/organic hair care, dandruff control, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis control. 

    Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo vs. Puryia Shampoo Comparison

    • Both are dandruff-control products;
    • Purya is also kid-friendly;
    • Purya is safe for all hair types including damaged, curly, fine and color treated hair;
    • Puryia comes with a 180-Day Money Back Guarantee;
    • Puryia is more expensive.

    If you think that you need even more dandruff control and some hair restoration, then Puryia Natural Dandruff Shampoo may be exactly what you were looking for. Since it is also kid-friendly, you can also try using it in the family.

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    • PURE ESSENTIAL OILS target dandruff flakes + itchiness + irritation with natural...
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    Dandruff is a serious problem in women and men. Aside the inside jokes we make in our couple about the issue we take it very seriously. Having itchy dry scalp with dandruff or having to always be alert about your hair is not something to trade lightly. My colleagues know about my problem, so one of them recommended me this shampoo.

    We ended up using Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff shampoo. After three weeks of use, we gave this product 4.6 stars out of five. The effects were great. We no longer have dandruff and we both feel our hair has gained a lot of health. It also prevented hair falling, with visible results. My boyfriend is very pleased with the shampoo because his curly hair became more manageable.

    We loved it because it is family-friendly (unisex and ageless to be more specific). We also loved it because it made our hair look cleaner, shinier, and smoother, with no dandruff and no other scalp issues.

    The product got a minus on scent. I know tea tree oil does not smell heavenly, but overall, the shampoo’s scent was ok. The product also got a minus on the quantity-price evaluation. The product brings a lot of value, but if you use it in the family, you will run out of it fast. Even if we are going to buy this product again, I think we will test a few of the alternatives I listed here. Some look even better and come in larger bottles.  

    Overall, we enjoyed the results this shampoo offered. We are happy with our now clean shoulders and the new nice hair looks, texture, and volume the shampoo offered. If you have more severe dermatological problems, you should also look into other alternatives. This shampoo does not cause side effects, but if your scalp suffers from rashes or other types of damages, you may want to speak with your doctor before using it. You may also need some shampoos coming with specific skin/hair medication. Also, if you do not appreciate the combination of natural ingredients with artificial ones, I suggest you look for full organic products.

    I also want to tell you to make sure you use the shampoo within its expiration date. The product, unfortunately, does not come with a written expiration date. I read some information and I think you should use it within a month of shelf life, just to be sure. Never use anything expired on your skin and hair. If you have any sort of allergy or skin sensitivity, you should refrain from passing any expiration date.

    Is this product the best dandruff shampoo on the market? It may be for some, while others can certainly find something better. We will also try a few of the alternatives I already mentioned. However, if you want natural ingredients, dandruff control, hair growth, itch alleviation, thicker hair, hair fall prevention and control, amazing looking curly locks, and a general feel of cleansing and refreshment, try this Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It may be exactly the thing you have been looking for. In my opinion, it is safe for kids as well, with the proverbial grain of salt, of course.  

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