Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Review

Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo review

When you have oily hair and scalp with a proneness towards dandruff development, it is hard to find a shampoo that works well. I wear my hair long and it gets both greasy and shedding dandruff in the same time. It is frustrating, bad looking, and expensive in terms of treatment. I tried many products in the past years. Some worked better than others did, but overall I found few products that had positive effects on both problems.

I also have two boys who suffer from extremely dry scalp associated with dandruff, flakes, dry patches and sometimes sores. My husband also has mild dandruff so he would also benefit from a nice shampoo to balance things out. Last time we took the boys to the dermatologist, he recommended us the Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as being one of the best dandruff shampoo on the market. He recommended it because it contained natural ingredients and had multiple hair benefits for the entire family.

I researched the product on the internet, learned that it was a bestseller, and had great reviews. I decided to buy it, especially since it came with medical recommendation. The entire family began using it the next day it arrived. The results were amazing for all four of us. The shampoo also has some drawbacks, but I will get into the details immediately.

We have using this shampoo for a month now and it is time to share our experience with others as well, because dandruff is common in both men, women, and children, and I am sure people want a solution to this serious problem.

​Things to Consider before Buying the Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

People with dandruff can easily relate to our problem. Parents whose children suffer from dry scalp, eczema, itchiness, scalp flakes and other dermatological issues will understand us better. Seeing our kids scratching their heads day and night is not something a parent can take easy. Shedding dandruff on your clothes at work or at social events is terrible.

After a month of using the Maple Holistics anti-dandruff shampoo, we reached some common conclusions – besides the fact that the shampoo works amazing. These are the main things you should know before you jump at the opportunity of buying this product.

  • Possible side effects: The shampoo should not cause any side effects on anybody. However, if you feel some discomfort while using it, stop using it. We never experienced any of such problems, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you use it on kids, pay attention to their reactions.

  • Efficiency: The shampoo began showing the anti-dandruff results for me in a week of use – three times a week frequency. It showed results in my husband almost in the same time. The boys felt and looked better after two-three weeks, but I guess it is because of the severity of their problems. The shampoo has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and it showed great effects on the reduction of itchiness, flakes, and dandruff and scalp problems. This tea tree moisturizing shampoo for dandruff hydrates the scalp, locks in moisture and cleans the hair follicles to encourage healthy hair and skin – at least this is what it did for me. It soothes irritated itchy scalp and eliminates flakes. My husband also experienced hair thickening, which was amazing as well. My oily skin became fresh, cleansed, and somehow normal again.

  • Scent: This is one of the drawback in this shampoo. I know how Tea Tree oil smells like and it is not the best scent you can ever encounter. I expected this and was not bothered by the slight medicinal scent of the product. However, if you are looking for something else that smells better, we will talk about alternatives in a second.

  • Type of hair and skin: The shampoo works well with oily and dry hair and scalp as well. It did not interfere with other hair products I use – regular drugstore conditioner for instance – and it had no impact whatsoever on my boys’ curly hair either.

  • Multiple hair benefits: This shampoo does have multiple hair benefits. Besides offering you a cleansed hair and scalp, it removes dandruff, corrects excess scalp sebum, heals itchiness, soars, flakes, and patches, prevents lice, and contributes to hair growth and thickening.

  • Family friendly: This shampoo worked amazing for my entire family. It seems to be age and gender independent, since we all used it, and it showed great effects for all of us.  

Who Should Buy This Shampoo

This is a great shampoo containing natural ingredients, which gets you rid of dandruff, patches, flakes, oily hair/scalp problems, itchiness, and other symptoms. 

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set - Natural Anti Dandruff Treatment for Dry and Damaged...
  • Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and conditioner are a dandruff fighting duo that contain an...
  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - Contains potent natural ingredients effective against...
  • Hydrating Conditioner - this tea tree conditioner for dry and damaged hair not...

Who Should Not Buy This Shampoo

If you are allergic or sensitive to any of this shampoo’s ingredients, you should look for something else. In addition, if you look for products designed to medically treat your dermatological issues, you should also look for something else.

Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo review

Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains Botanical Keratin, Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary and Lavender extracts and essential oils. They are all common ingredients you can find in hair and skin treatments. Moreover, Maple Holistics has a good reputation when it comes to natural/organic skin and hair products. I appreciated this shampoo a lot, even if it comes in a too small bottle for an entire family to use.

 I think I can sum up everything by conveying the pros and cons of this shampoo as follows:


  • Extremely effective for dandruff and scalp problems prevention and control
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Family-friendly


  • You may not like the scent
  • You may experience some side effects
  • Too little product for its price

Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Features and Benefits

I have oily hair and skin with dandruff tendencies – which may sound odd but I guess it is not that rare. My husband also has mild dandruff. The main problem are the kids, who have extremely dry scalp and all sorts of related issues. Our dermatologist recommended us this shampoo as being good to cover all these family problems and he did not disappoint.

Since we are about to finish the bottle, I can say with a certainty that we will buy more – the bigger bottle version – even if it is a bit expensive. However, given the results offered by this shampoo, I think it is worth every cent.

Generally, these are this shampoo’s features and benefits we found to be the most important:

  • The shampoo comes with an enriched formula containing natural/organic ingredients.

  • The shampoo has multiple hair benefits: We all experienced dandruff and itchiness relief. I also experienced less issues related to my oily hair, my husband saw hair growing and thickening, the kids got rid of flakes and itchiness/redness/scalp soars. I felt my hair cleansed and refreshed.

  • The shampoo is unisex. My husband and my boys were very happy with this shampoo so much so that the head of the family also ordered one bottle of the shampoo for his brother as well.
  • The shampoo is kid-friendly. This is of outmost importance, because it is hard to find a shampoo to work well with small children.  

  • It is made in the USA. I found this to be great because we are all supporting local brands and businesses.  
  • The shampoo is paraben free, sulfate free, and chemicals free.
  • The shampoo comes from a trusted brand using only natural ingredients that are mild and hypoallergenic.

  • The shampoo is cruelty free and that is great, because I could never use something tested on a furry friend. We have two furry friends at home and using cosmetic products tested on animals would be a murderous thought.
  • Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


    ​Multiple Hair Benefits


    ​Family Friendly


    Final Score


    Social Proof

    Constant, hard-to-get-rid-of dandruff a major issue for many people, especially sensitive kids suffering from eczema, winter itch, dandruff, itchiness, and other skin problems. As I said, I looked the product online and saw it had great reviews from people sharing our problems. If you also look at these reviews you will also learn this shampoo is worth a try.

    Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set - Natural Anti Dandruff Treatment for Dry and Damaged...
    • Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and conditioner are a dandruff fighting duo that contain an...
    • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - Contains potent natural ingredients effective against...
    • Hydrating Conditioner - this tea tree conditioner for dry and damaged hair not...

    Alternatives to the Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

    When you search the Internet for a specific product, you also bump into other similar products as well. I listed here three alternatives to the Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, hoping that they may work even better for you.

    This shampoo can also work well for both men and women. I am not sure it works for small kids as well. If it does, you need to take some precautions. This shampoo is medicated and recommended for serious dandruff and scalp issues.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People who want a medicated shampoo that has anti-dandruff properties.

    Maple Holistics Shampoo vs. Nizoral Shampoo Comparison

    • Both have anti-dandruff properties;
    • The Ketoconazole 1% in Nizoral controls flaking, scaling, and itching;
    • Nizoral comes with dermatologists’ recommendations;
    • Nizoral does not come with so many multiple hair benefits;
    • Maple Holistics is cheaper.

    If you want an alternative to Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, check out the Nizoral A-d Anti-Dandruff Shampoo as well. It may even work better for your more complex and severe hair and scalp problems.

    I listed this shampoo here, even if it is men only, because I am aware that men are more vulnerable to dandruff. My husband used Clear shampoos for men before and he insisted we offer a men-only alternative.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    Men who want to control dandruff, get better looking hair, and feel better about their hair overall.

    Maple Holistics Shampoo vs. Clear Shampoo Comparison

    • Both work great for dandruff control in men;
    • Clear comes with Nutrium 10, an advanced moisture complex of vitamins and nutrients;
    • Clear contains vitamins B5, C and E, sunflower, almond, soybean and coconut oils and aloe vera ;
    • Clear is not unisex, nor family-friendly;
    • Clear comes with even smaller bottle and higher price than Maple Holistics.

    If you want an alternative to the Maple Holistics shampoo that is dedicated to men (and perhaps teenage boys), check out the Clear Men Scalp Therapy 2-in-1! It may be what people have always been looking for!

    This is another excellent option in the best dandruff shampoos department, and it seems to be unisex as well. It also seems to be natural.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People who want natural/organic hair care, dandruff control, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis control. 

    Maple Holistics Shampoo vs. Puryia Shampoo Comparison

    • Both are dandruff-control products;
    • Purya is also kid-friendly;
    • Purya is safe for all hair types including damaged, curly, fine and color treated hair;
    • Puryia comes with a 180-Day Money Back Guarantee;
    • Puryia is more expensive.

    If you feel you want to gain more organic and natural hair, dandruff control and even hair restoration, then Puryia Natural Dandruff Shampoo may be exactly what you need for daily hair and scalp care and therapy. Since it is also kid-friendly, you can also try using it in the family.


    Scalp eczema, itchiness, soars, flakes, and dry patches in kids is a nightmare for everyone (parents and teachers included). Being an adult and scratching your head as if you have lice is socially unacceptable. We are a family of four and we all have dandruff and scalp problems in various extents. It may be poor genetic background, wrong lifestyle choices, or air pollution – nobody knows exactly. What I know, as a woman, mother, and wife, is that we had to do something about the kids first, and for us as well.

    This is how we ended up using the Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. After one month of use, we gave this product 4.6 stars out of five. The effects were amazing. We no longer have dandruff and the little ones do live happy, scratching-free lives. Their eczema is healing and their hair now looks smooth, shiny, and deeply cleansed. My husband says he just found the best alternative to Rogaine, as he also experienced some hair growth and thickening.

    We loved it because it is family-friendly (unisex and ageless to be more specific). We also loved it because it made our hair look cleaner, shinier, and smoother, with no dandruff and no other scalp issues.

    The product got a minus on scent, but just one. I know Tea Tree oil does not smell like baking cookies, and I got used to it. Kids were not very fond of it. The product also got a minus on the quantity-price evaluation. The product brings a lot of value to the table of people who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of their dandruff and ill scalps. However, we found other similar products coming with better price tags and larger bottles. I think we will test a few of them as well, just to see what happens. We will also buy this product again in the immediate future.

    Overall, we enjoyed the results this shampoo offered. We enjoyed our now clean shoulders and the new nice hair looks, texture, and volume the shampoo offered. The kids are not suffering anymore and this is what all parents want at the end of the day.

    If you have more severe dermatological problems, you should also look into other alternatives. This shampoo does not cause side effects, but if your scalp suffers from rashes or other types of damages, you may want to speak with your doctor before using it. You may also need some shampoos coming with specific skin/hair medication. Our doctor considered it was not the case to pour medicine and chemicals on our heads just yet. Dietary changes were part of the deal as well.

    Before I leave you, I want to tell you to make sure you use the shampoo within its expiration date. Never use anything expired on your skin and hair. When you have sensitive, itchy, and flaky skin – or if you suffer from some skin and scalp allergies – it is always good to read the labels and make sure you use the product within its expiration limits. If you use it on children, you need to pay twice the attention on skin reactions.

    Is this product the best dandruff shampoo on the market? It may be for some, while others can certainly find something better. We will also try a few of the alternatives I already mentioned. However, if you want natural ingredients, dandruff control, hair growth, itch alleviation, lice prevention, oil control, thicker hair, and amazing looking locks, try this Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I think it will lead to the results you have been always looking for.

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