Did you know that only eight percent of the world’s population has blue eyes? Now that you’ve been made privy to that piece of information, it’s time to find the perfect makeup that will make your peepers stand out even more. We came across four beauty vloggers that really took the eyeshadow game to another level when it comes to blue eyes. Here are the best makeup tutorials for blue eyes you need to check out.

1. How to Make Blue Eyes POP! | A Models Muse

Not only is this one of the best blue eye makeup tutorials out there, but it’s also extremely informative. For example, you get to learn things like the fact that, if you truly want to make your eyes pop or POP! to use her words, you need to use opposing colors. Examples include reds and oranges.

She quickly proceeds to show us how easy it is to cake on layers of bronze and then red-based shades. And guess what? She’s totally right! The palettes that this genius of a beauty vlogger used are a combination between Urban Decay and Lorac with a touch of Lancome’s Hypnose Drama’s miraculous mascara.

Find more of A Models Muse on her Insta.

2. Make Up Tutorial for Blue Eyes | Sarah Salvini

Beauty vlogger and cutie by profession Sarah Salvini just got a new pair of ice blue contacts. And a brand new pair of false lashes. The result? She’s dying to try out a special type of makeup and show us all the steps of the process. What do we do? Take out a notebook and pencil and start writing down tips.

We absolutely fell in love with her makeup tutorials for blue eyes because she uses a whole range of soft, dusty, and sweet pinks that are enough to make any girl crazy. Most of them come from the Naked 3 palette, but she can tell you the rest. Watch more of her on her YouTube channel.

3. Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Smokey Eye Tutorial for Blue Eyes | Crystal Conte

What do you say to a whole smokey eye makeup that comes entirely out of a single palette? You say ‘where have you been all my life?’ Outstanding beauty vlogger Crystal Conte is a real lifesaver. She simply took the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette and decided to create an entire smokey eye for blue eyes just using it.

Sure, she cheats a bit in the middle, using Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Dramatic Black, but that’s only because she loves us so much and really wants us to look our best. Believe us, the rest of the eye makeup comes from the Bon Bons palette. Crystal Conte, you’re the real MVP!

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4. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Tutorial | Angela Bright

No, we’re not done with the good ideas. Here’s another blue eyes makeup tutorial that comes from a single palette. This time, it’s beauty vlogger extra ordinaire’s Angela Bright. She uses the all-time favorite Urban Decay Naked Heat palette and demonstrates how you can really make your blue eyes pop in just a few minutes.

The thing that we loved the most about it is just how creative she got with the makeup. This is not your ordinary eyeshadow combo that we’ve seen so far in bronzes and pinks. Angela uses shades such as He Devil both on the upper and lower lids and combines it with our favorite, Lumbre. She then uses the Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner in the shade called Retro Grade which is actually sparkly purple, making her eyes look incredible! Wow!

Want more of Angela Bright? This is her YouTube channel.

Here are the four best makeup tutorials for blue eyes of our choice. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one was your favorite. The smokey eye, the blush and dusty pink, the bronze or the Naked Heat one?