The key to learning how to make your hands soft isn’t slathering moisturizing lotions until your skin can no longer absorb them. Yes, these products do play a vital role, as you’ll discover further down the line reading this guide. But there are some simpler habits you can pick up to ensure that your hands don’t end up feeling like a brick wall at the touch.

That being said, here are our top picks for the best hand care tips and tricks.

How to Make Your Hands Soft: 7 Intensive Care Tips

#1 Pop on Some Gloves

Gloves should become your best friend if they aren’t already. Here we’re talking about slipping on gloves when you’re going outside during cold weather. Exposure to cold air, especially frequent, is a soundproof way of ensuring your hands will be dry and lifeless. Furthermore, never go about with chores that involve contact with chemical products without wearing rubber gloves for the very same reason.

#2 Skip on Compulsive Washing

After being repeatedly told that germs are everywhere and that you need to wash your hands whenever you can, it’s no surprise that many turn this into an obsessive habit. Unfortunately, repeated exposure to water and soaps, no matter how moisturizing they claim to be, can take a serious toll on your hands’ health. If you’re at home doing nothing special, you really shouldn’t abuse the soap.

#3 Invest in a Humidifier

During summer and winter alike, your skin needs some natural moisture to keep dryness at bay. An excellent way to do so passively is by investing in a humidifier, which can keep the air humid and moist. As a result, your hands will also become better nourished.

#4 Stress the Importance of Moisturizing

But a humidifier isn’t enough. No matter how you look at it, moisturizing is the surest way to protect your skin. After each and every single wash, lather on your favorite moisturizing solution, whether that’s a lotion, a natural oil, or other kind of product. Use overnight hand moisturizing gloves, its a treat for both your skin and your nails.

#5 Exfoliate for Rejuvenation

You need to shed off dead skin cells in order to make room for a healthier and better nourished layer of skin. Although we tend to pay a lot of attention to the exfoliation of the face, we often forget that doing the same to our hands can bring about the exact same benefits.

#6 Give a Boost of Omega-3

There’s nothing like a proper intake of omega-3 to breathe life into your skin. Therefore, don’t skip on your fishy meals and try turning to supplements that can provide you with the right balance. Find out more about what vitamins can do for your skin, here. 

#7 Slather on Sunscreen

Sunlight can be just as harmful to your skin as any other previously mentioned factor. Since your hands tend to feel the scorch of the sun the most, protect them using sunscreen. Here are some great recipes for DIY all natural sunscreen. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to make your hands soft with some basic methods of prevention. At the end of the day, we could say it all boils down to how well you shelter your skin from the damaging actions of the elements.