So many women struggle with these unsightly and unpleasant lumps on their bodies that cellulite removal should become a norm treatment. This is the sad reality, but the good news here is that it’s specifically the increased number of women that suffer from it that results in an equally high number of removal procedures. We’ve collected some of the most notorious and pieced together a short guide meant to aid those who are doing their rightful research on anti-cellulite interventions.

Main 4 Types of Cellulite Removal Procedures

#1 Cellulaze

FDA-approved and fairly popular, this procedure seems to warrant the rather spicy price tag attached to it. The intervention makes use of a laser tube which the expert inserts under the patient’s skin. The laser heats up the skin, melting away at the cellulite lumps by softening the connective tissue keeping the fiber pieces together.

A primary downside of this procedure is the fact that it doesn’t fade away the cellulite forever. Moreover, it requires patience, frequent interventions, and the money necessary to pay the $5,000 required per intervention.

#2 Vanquish

This treatment fades away the signs of cellulite by using radiofrequency energy. Applied to the skin, it dissolves the fat cells in a noninvasive way, keeping your skin and healthy tissue sheltered from its action. A session lasts around 30 minutes and although prices vary, they usually don’t climb above the $1,000 limit. The best part is the fact that this is an intervention which leaves room for normal activities immediately right after.

#3 Zwave

It’s not a coincidence that we bring up this method right after Vanquish since the two of them go really well together, creating an effective anti-cellulite package. With the help of high energy radial shockwaves, the gas bubbles stocked inside of the tissue breaks apart and gradually fades away the signs. Depending on the size of the treated area, prices range between $300 and $450. Worth mentioning is that effects start to show after as little as 10 sessions.

#4 Coffee Products

Less so a procedure and more so a particular type of remedy, coffee has incredible results when used to fight cellulite. This is why you will often find it as an active ingredient in various anti-cellulite creams, which can make up different types of treatments at specialized saloons. Caffeine mainly dehydrates cellulite cells, shrinks them, and makes them fade away in time.

Luckily, you can also reap the benefits of caffeine with home remedies. For example, you can prepare a coffee scrub. Not only will it gradually fade away the signs of cellulite, but it will also add glow to your skin through efficient exfoliation.

Wrapping Up

Great cellulite removal procedures are characterized by how practical they are, how light they are on the pockets, and their impact on long term. This is why all of the aforementioned procedures definitely fit the bill. Therefore, if you are pondering whether it’s worth undergoing a cosmetic intervention to loosen the effects of cellulite, cut off your debating right here. Pick one of the methods mentioned prior to say goodbye to cellulite in a painless and effective way.