If you are looking for a nail salon for kids, here are some suggestions. Pampering your little one does not always mean toys and sweets, but also visits to a salon and spa for kids. If you always find time for yourself to make a spa appointment or to pay a visit to your manicurist, then why not pamper your child, too? Your little one can enjoy some healthy spa treatments or a manicure appointment.

Let’s see the best nail salon for kids in the US and see some of their locations.

Milk and Cookies Kids Salon and Spa

This salon looks like any kid’s dream. It is outfitted with a station to create bubble baths and lotions, mini pedicure and manicure stations, but also cookie-shaped and candy-colored soaps. Every kid who walks in receives a fresh cookie and a milkshake of their choice. Little girls can choose their manicure from a list of options. Furthermore, they can also choose the scent of their soak and scrub.

The manicurists working there are very patient and kind, being specialized in working with children. The nail salon for kids is located in New York City.

Just 4 Kids Salon

This is a hair salon, party place and nail spa for kids. It specializes in cute and trendy kids haircuts. Furthermore, it also offers spa packages. If you want to plan an amazing party for your little one’s birthday, then let the staff here handle everything. The salon provides amazing service to children. Their purpose is to make every kid feel pampered and confident after getting a new look here. Usually, kids get really scared when it comes to haircuts.

This amazing salon provides a mentally stimulating environment for kids, fueling their imagination and nurturing their passions. In the waiting area, the salon provides fun activities. They have an LCD flat screen which provides the most popular shows for children. Furthermore, they also provide a fantastic birthday party menu. Every party can be customized depending on the customer’s requests. The salon is situated in New Jersey.

Nail salon for kids

This nail salon for kids also takes care of their hairstyle while they enjoy their favorite cartoons.

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Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids

Your kids will be thrilled to get here! Kids can sit in a Mini Cooper, NASCAR Race Car, Hummer, Buzz Light Year Vehicle, Barbie Jeep and Dodge Police Cruiser depending on their choice. Furthermore, while sitting in these chairs to get a haircut, they can watch their favorite TV shows or cartoons. Older children will have the chance to play X-box 360 or Playstation while getting their haircut.

Recently, this salon developed a room especially dedicated to all teen girls who are interested in makeup, manicure, pedicure and hairstyles. Furthermore, this fabulous salon also organizes birthday parties for your little ones. If you want to organize a party for your daughter, she and her friends will have a special Glamour Day. They will get nice manicures, amazing hairstyles, and fantastic makeup sessions.

Summing up, these nail salon for kids will definitely be a great surprise for your kids. They will enjoy an outstanding experience, being pampered and having their haircut and nails done.