The world of beauty has taken an unexpected and shocking turn and it may all be because of makeup artists a little bit too eager to show off their craft and beauty gurus who do everything to get some more followers. But as interesting and funny these outlandish ideas are (like putting insects and plants on your lips for shock value), we must not forget that here, in the real world, people don’t go around wearing these kinds of looks. This doesn’t mean that we don’t search for inspiration every day. Actually, in order to help you get some inspiration, we have created a list of some of the best and most wearable lipstick trends 2018. These are three beautiful styles that you will most likely see everywhere this spring, and not only. And to make sure that we have made the right choices, we asked two majorly-famous celebrity makeup artists to help us. So, according to their expert opinion, these are some of the best lipstick trends for this year. Let’s begin!

1.      The glossy lip

You should all be aware by now of the beauty world’s obsession with dewy things. From sparkly highlighters to shiny eyeshadows, everything needs to stand out! Surely, lips could not escape this trend and according to Jane Meng, applying dewy products on your face keep on being the number one rule when it comes to makeup nowadays. You have undoubtedly seen images of those glossy, juicy lips all over the internet by now. They are on the covers of magazines, on the runway and on celebrities’ lips. To achieve this look you simply need to buy a high-quality glossy lipstick. Want a recommendation? The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. This is exactly what this look is all about!

2.      Ready-to-be-kissed lips

Some makeup artists, like Patrick Ta, think that lipstick looks best a few hours after it’s been put on. The edges become smudged, and the color fades away almost completely. But what’s the trend? Well, kissable lips! The coolness that such a style offers is unequalled. It looks like it’s effortless and will make your significant other want to kiss you non-stop! The idea is to use a lipstick, or even a lip butter or balm, to enhance the natural color of your lips. We have a very cheap recommendation, the Dr. Pepper Lip Balm.

3.      The bold lip is still going strong

Yes, the bold lip is not going anywhere in 2018! You can apply any lipstick color you want, from bright red or orange to burgundy and even black or blue. It’s all up to you and your taste! But we need to make one thing clear! Make sure that you accentuate your cupid’s bow wither with highlight or a lighter shade of lipstick. Make them pop, stand out! People won’t help but obsess over your lips!

Wrapping it all up

In the end, what did you think about our lipstick trends 2018 list? Are you going to follow them all or choose the one that fits you best? It’s your choice, just let us know it down below, ok?

Image source: pexels