If you tried to create a new and fun hairstyle at least one day in your life or you did everything to keep those loose flowing locks away from your eyes and face, then you surely have some bobby pins around the house. Simple and stylish, bobby pins can hold hair, make a statement or help you achieve an amazing hairdo in a matter of minutes. Since we are all in for creativity and beauty hacks, today we will learn together how to use bobby pins to spice up our hairstyles and ease our lives.

1. Use the Bobby Pins Correctly

how to use bobby pins right

The first hack you need to learn when finding out how to use bobby pins in creative ways is to make the best use of the pins. This means using them the right way. When you place a bobby pin to keep your hairdo tight, flip it over with the wavy, textured side against your head. The straight side of the pin should be face up, as the wavy side is the one actually keeping your hair in place.

2. Secure the Bobby Pins

how to use bobby pins hair spray

If you have long hair or stubborn tresses (or a very complicated updo) to hold in place, spray the bobby pins on the inside with dry shampoo or hairspray. The bobby pins will better adhere to your head and hair and keep your hairstyle in place.

3. Make the Bobby Pins Stay Put the Whole Day

how to use bobby pins locking technique

Long, heavy hair and complicated hairdos can be a thing of beauty if they stay in place all day long. In order to help bobby pins keep your bangs tight, you should also help them. Enter the “locking technique”: pull your hair in a direction, then aim the open end of the pin against that direction; then, rotate the pin so the open end is now facing the same direction as your hair, and push the pin in toward your head to secure it in place. When you place the pin the first time against your hair’s direction, place it with the wavy side up. Then, when you flip it in the opposite direction, the wavy side will be down, against your head, keeping your hairdo locked and tight.

4. Get Jiggy with It

Many women are experimenting with the latest hair trends and hairstyles because they always want something new and creative in their lives. These small and timeless hair accessories can quench your thirst for innovation in an instant if you know how to use bobby pins the trendy way. One of the most visible and popular ones is to crisscross your pins and turn them into statement headpieces. Bobby pins are more than mere fittings for your hair, they can be the very highlight of your new do. There are a dozen ways to show off your bobby pins and your imagination, but we picked one example that stunned us with its sophisticated simplicity. As ideas go, here are a few from the top of our heads:

  • Cross four bobby pins in a hashtag shape to keep your hair in place and give it some oomph;
  • Keep your hair at the back with a streamlined, impeccable triangle – after all, geometric designs are not just for nails;
  • Create even more such triangles all around your head in a bobby pin crown;
  • Create a chevron design with bobby pins;
  • Mix and cross a handful of bobby pins for a glamorous hair brooch that can keep an updo for days;
  • Keep your braid in an organized mess by tucking your loose strands or short layers sticking out of your braid with colored pins.

5. Make Your Own Artsy Pins

Now that you got a taste of what bobby pins can really do, it is time to go buy some really cool ones, in colors and tints, and shiny metallic hues… or not! Use all your favorite colored nail polishes to paint your bobby pins just the way you want them to. Consider this a DIY project and an endless opportunity to have matching pins to your clothes or accessories.

6. Speaking of Nail Polish and Art…

Did you know you could create amazing nail art with a bobby pin? It is as simple as it sounds: dip the open end of a bobby pin into a bottle of nail polish. Use the tip to create tiny and textured nail polka dots designs or any other dotted nail art works of art.


While we digressed a little with the use of bobby pins as nail accessories instead of hair accessories, we know you want to learn as many beauty hacks as possible. This is why we are going to offer you one more beauty hack: if you use false lashes, ease your life and use the open end of a bobby pin to evenly apply the glue along the base of the lashes.

Wrapping Up…

What are your favorite bobby pins hair and beauty hacks? Do you know how to use bobby pins in other innovative ways?

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