Learn How to Prevent Teeth Staining in 4 Easy Ways

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A lot of people nowadays are struggling to deal with a serious and pressing issue: white teeth that are becoming stained and yellow. Actually, dentists are saying that teeth staining is one of the most common complaints patients have during visits. This is the reason why we have decided to offer you a guide on how to prevent teeth staining in some simple ways. However, before reaching that point in our article, we should first inform you about the most common causes of teeth staining.

First on the list of dangers is tobacco in all of its forms, no matter if chewed or smoked. Then, coming very close behind are coffee, cola and tea. Apart from those very common culprits, there are others, not so common and not many people know about them. Those include fruit juice, especially dark-colored, soy sauce, fruits like blueberries, red wine and finally, curry. The idea is simple. If the food or beverage can leave stains on your clothes it will also probably leave stains on your teeth. Without further ado, this is a short guide on how to prevent teeth staining. Enjoy!

How to prevent teeth staining

Firstly, it’s important to know that aging also affects our teeth. Moreover, some of the healthiest teeth usually don’t have that perfect, pearly white color. The best alternative for teeth stains would be to visit your dentist and let the professional take care of this issue. However, if you’ve already visited your doctor and they got you rid of the stains, you should be careful to prevent them from reappearing. For this, there are some simple home remedies that we will detail below.

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1.      Drink through a straw!

This is a very important step and a very easy one. Of course, you cannot use a plastic straw for hot coffee, but you can use it with iced tea, fruit juice or cola. Sipping those through a straw helps prevents the liquid from touching your teeth and therefore, from staining them.

2.      Drink harmful beverages wisely!

If you know that tea and coffee can stain your teeth and still cannot stop drinking them, we have a solution. Instead of sipping from a cup of coffee or tea for hours, drink the entire thing in one or two sittings. This reduces the times that the beverages make contact with your teeth.

3.      Brush your teeth!

This might be self-explanatory, but apart from the normal three times a day brushing, you should be careful to do it after consuming teeth-staining beverages or foods. However, don’t go too rough when brushing because you might hurt your teeth. Sometimes, a gentle touch is all you need.

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4.      Floss regularly!

Usually, stained teeth look the worst around the edges. Here is where regular flossing comes into play. The plaque between the teeth and at their base attracts stains a lot more than the teeth itself. By flossing, you limit plaque and therefore, the apparition of stains.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our simple guide on how to prevent teeth staining? Did these tips help you with your problem? Let us know down below!

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