Everyone who paints their nails the classic way, with good old nail polish, probably knows how annoying it is to wait a century for your nails to dry. You look like a broken robot for a few minutes and right during that time, your nose always seems to itch, or you absolutely need to grab something with your fingers. It’s simply an unwritten rule. But this should never bother you anymore because, in this article, we will talk about how to make your nail polish dry faster using a few simple tricks that work every time. Here we go!

All of these tricks are very effective, and you usually use things that you can find around your house. You won’t have to stand perfectly still or move your hands like a chicken, in the hope that the nail polish will dry faster. And in case some people did not know this, yes, classic nail polish is still a thing, and a lot of women still use it for painting their nails at home. It’s not all about gels and acrylics, no matter how widespread these techniques are now.


Some Freezing Water

This is a very simple yet effective trick that is also very easy to follow. Before you start painting your nail with nail polish, fill a medium-sized bowl with water and put some ice cubes in there too. When you’re done applying your nail polish, put your fingertips into the now icy water. This method works brilliantly because the cold hardens the nail polish in an instant. Therefore, it speeds up the drying process and you won’t have to worry about ruining your nails anymore.

A Drying Top Coat

There is a very interesting and useful nail polish top coat out there called Seche Vite, which is extremely popular, and not without reason. Used over your regular nail polish, this top coat will not only speed up the drying process, but it will strengthen your nails and prevent them from chipping. Moreover, it is so strong that it can penetrate through all your nail polish layers and still be effective on your nail. No wonder it’s so popular, it works every time!

A Hairdryer

This is the simpler and more effective alternative to that weird flapping motion everyone makes in the hope that their nail polish will dry faster. You don’t have to do that anymore! Just grab your usual hairdryer, be careful to put it on the cool setting, and use it on your nails. Yes, your nails will not dry in an instant, but they will surely dry faster than during the horrendous flapping motion. Just try it!

Baby Oil

This might be the weirdest how to make your nail polish dry faster tip, but we assure you, it works! After painting your nails, make sure to coat them in baby oil, or even cooking oil. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. Your nail polish will be completely hardened, and your hands moisturized. Killing two birds with one stone, right?

In Conclusion

So, what did you think about our article on how to make your nail polish dry faster? Did you know these tricks? Are you going to try them now? Tell us down below!

Image source: Flickr