Applying mascara is a tricky action to perform, but in essence, it’s a very simple technique. Coat your lashes with the formula while using the wand that comes with the product. Some mascaras lengthen your eyelashes, while others offer them more volume. However, even if you think that you know all about mascara and how to apply it, there might be some tricks that you didn’t know you could include in your routine. This is why we have asked some experts to offer us some tips and tricks on how to apply mascara perfectly.

We should admit that as long as we are not professionals, our mascara routine could use a little adjustment. So, it might be a good idea to put aside your highlighters and contour kits and dive a little deeper into a subject that most of us think that we mastered a while ago. Mascara application is actually not that easy to learn and perform well. This is why these professionals are going to reveal some exciting tricks to you, so you can readjust your routine from now on and get amazing results. Here we go!

1.      The Zig-Zag Motion

Celebrity makeup artist Elle Leary has an essential trick to reveal to us. According to her, while applying mascara, you should always use a zig-zag motion. So, coat the lashes vertically first, and then change your motion and go horizontally. This will help your wand reach every lash around your eye, coat them evenly, and finally, offer them that fullness that everyone wishes for.

2.      Looking Down

Elle Leary has another interesting trick up her sleeve, and she decided to share this one with us too. Make sure to keep a mirror nearby when you’re applying mascara on your lashes. To avoid getting product everywhere, look down at the mirror in front of you while coating your upper lashes. This will help you see their roots and better coat them while avoiding a disaster of epic proportions.

3.      The Winged-Out Effect

Professional makeup artist Megan Lanoux says that to get that beautiful winged-out effect, you should not lift the brush straight up from your lashes. Instead, lean it towards your eyelid. Towards the outer corner of the eye, brush up, and out to open your eye by winging your lashes.

4.      Take Care Of The Roots Too

Professional makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar has an interesting trick up his sleeve too. To get as close to the roots of the eyelashes as possible, gently press on your eyelid. This will put some pressure and will make the lashes pop out. Another tip from him would be to try and bend your wand to obtain a better angle when applying the product. There are certain brands that make bent wands so that you can search for those too.

Summing It All Up

So, what did you think about our professional tips and tricks on how to apply mascara perfectly? Did you know them all? Will you introduce them in your mascara routine from now on? Show us your results in the comment section down below!

Image source: pixabay