When you first hear of their existence, you can’t help but wonder: are Korean whitening skincare products safe? They’re probably safer than you think and the reason why is surprisingly simple. However, there are still some safety recommendations that we’re bound to share with you. Keep on reading to discover them.

The Asian Whitening Campaign: A Premise

What is the first thing that comes to your head when you heard the word ‘whitening’ regarding a skincare product?

If you’re thinking of a miraculous lotion that will literally bleach your skin and make it several shades lighter, you’re thinking wrong. This is one of the main misconceptions people who haven’t really dug into the whitening hysteria in Asia possess.

There’s no denying that Asia holds up its own beauty standards, which are pretty different from the West’s while we’re at it. And, yes, whiter complexions tend to be on a pedestal, which is a reality that culminates after a series of historical and cultural factors that we’re not going to get into right this instant. But they still have ways to go before they’ll release a product solely destined for making dark-skinned people whiter, especially in this era of heavy globalization.

Misuse of the term aside, what do these Korean products do, after all? They brighten skin, deal with blemishes and dark spots, and they provide Korean women with the spotless, creamy, porcelain-like skin that they’re so famous for. The popularity of these whitening creams makes perfect sense when you take a dive into dermatologic reasoning. Asian women have different complexions and because of it, they struggle less with wrinkles (like the majority of the Western population does) and more with blemishes and dark spots. It seems only normal for them to seek out products that solve their specific signs of aging.

Are Korean Whitening Skincare Products Safe?

Is there a catch to these Korean whiteners that might make them more dangerous than your average Western blemish remover? Not really, no. Whatever rules of prevention apply to your North American dark spot treatment are just as easy to apply to Asian products. For the most part, these creams, and lotions, and gels, and whatnot are endorsed by renowned companies who leave their manufacturing tidbits and ingredient lists out in the open for anyone to check.

Speaking of ingredient lists, this is where you should pay the most attention. A good chunk of these whiteners use the same ingredients as Western brands. So if you’re familiar with what’s bad for you in a North American product, you can avoid it in Korean products. If you want to double-check, you can always look up feedback for said products. Luckily, these whiteners rose to popularity in the West as well. Therefore, you won’t be at shortage of beauty gurus with a review. They’ll be testing them out for you and offering a conclusive verdict.

Wrapping Up

So, are Korean whitening skincare products safe? Remember they’re not actually bleaching your skin (as many believe they do). Thus, you’re simply dealing with some blemish and dark spot removers, which are generally safe. Keep an eye out on the ingredient list and that’s about it.