Korean beauty products have gained a lot of popularity these days. A lot of people are talking about the well-known Korean skincare routine. The classic version is a 10-step procedure which sometimes can reach up to even 18 different steps; but there is also a simpler and quicker one, dedicated to busy people who want to have healthy and beautiful skin. Here are the five steps of the quick Korean skincare routine.

How to Create Your Own Korean Skincare Routine in Only Five Steps

korean girl with beautiful skin

1. Cleanse

This is definitely the most important step of your Korean skincare routine that you should never skip. It clears your skin, removing sebum, makeup, and dirt from your pores. Make sure to remove all your makeup, and pay extra attention if you’re wearing waterproof products. You can use plenty of things such as oil cleansers, balms, gels, and more. Something you should consider is forming a paste in your hands before applying these cleansing products on your face.

2. Tone

You shouldn’t stop the cleansing process after the first step. You will probably still have some sebum and dirt residues left in your pores. Therefore, you should also use a toner. It is the final thing to do to complete the cleaning process. Moreover, a toner is a great way to prepare your skin for the next steps. Use a cotton ball or pad to apply the toner and start from your face’s center.

3. Serum

This is a great step to follow, especially if you have pigmentation or brown spots on your skin. It acts as a treatment and reduces redness. Instead of serum, you can also use an essence, which is a combination of a serum and a toner. It hydrates your skin, providing a more youthful appearance. In this step, you should use the proper product that matches your skin type.

4. Eye Cream

Your eyes and the skin around them are your most sensitive face areas. This is why you should never forget taking care of them. This step is an important one in the Korean skincare routine. What you should do is choosing the right eye cream for your age and skin type. Eyes can easily reveal aging signs if you don’t use the correct products. Put a small amount of cream on your fingers and pat it into your skin until it is absorbed. You can use this cream for your smile lines and around your nose as well.

5. Face Cream

To complete your skin moisturizing process, apply a good face cream. If you want to achieve a younger refreshed look, hydrating your skin is essential. For daily use, buy a cream that also has an SPF protection. According to some specialists, you should apply two cream types, one for a daily use, and the other for the overnight hydration.

Final Words

There you have it! We have presented a simplified Korean skincare routine, which suits those of you who are too busy to follow a 10-step procedure. All the above steps are essential for your skin. You should follow and apply these guidelines if you want to achieve that refreshed look you have always desired.

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