Keratin hair treatment is one of the most popular trends in the beauty world. However, this method has become controversial in the last few years. Some of those who have tried it say that it can have serious side effects. Even celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston stated that you should be careful and get informed before making a decision.

What Is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin hair straightening treatment is used as a solution for frizzy hair. It has a smoothing effect, and it cools down the texture of curly hair. Keratin is a protein that restores your hair, especially repairing damaged and broken bonds. The treatment works the same on all types of hair. It is a restorative method which makes your hair more flexible and supple.

How Does the Treatment Work?

keratin hair treatment before and after

Keratin treatment for curly hair is applied by a stylist. The second step is sealing the solution by using a flat iron’s heat. The whole procedure takes approximately 90 minutes, but it may vary depending on how long your hair is. Keratin contains proteins which surround your hair bonds. This way, they become a protection shield against hair damages.

Specialists say that this method can save you a lot of time spent on styling your hair, but there are some things you should take into consideration if you want the treatment to last longer:

  • You should wait three or even four days before washing the hair again. Stylists recommend this to their clients. They say keratin hair treatment takes time to work.
  • Then, you should make sure that keratin sticks to your hairs. You can do this by using a special shampoo that doesn’t contain sodium sulfate.

The result of the treatment might last up to two or three months. Seems like a great beauty solution, don’t you think? So, how come there are people who think this can be a risky way to repair your hair?!

Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects You Should Consider

Apparently, keratin hair treatment is not that perfect as you thought. According to some people, this method has a lot of side effects. Despite the treatment’s high popularity, you should get informed before actually decide to use it.

  • Hair damage. The keratin treatment on natural hair has great short-term results. The long-term effects, however, are not that wonderful anymore. No matter how you put it, keratin treatments have chemicals. Also, these chemicals are applied to your hair by using a hair iron. Heat combined with chemicals will destroy the original health of your hair.
  • Hair fall. Your hair might get thinner while your roots become weaker. If this is the case, there will be higher chances for your hair to fall.
  • Allergies and rashes. If you have sensitive skin, keratin’s chemicals can cause dry skin, allergies, and even eczemas.

Let’s Recap

There are a lot of keratin treatments available on the market. Before choosing one, try to gather as much information as possible about this procedure. Ask for recommendations and double check them. If you are predisposed to skin problems, you should avoid risky methods such as keratin hair treatment. The choice is totally yours! Make a wise decision!

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