Juliette Has a Gun: Perhaps the Only Authentic Perfume Brand for Sale


Some may think that Juliette Has a Gun is a weird name for a perfume line. Nevertheless, this perfume brand became a niche fragrance line which relies on complex and sensual scents. This is a brand which might not be suitable for everyone, but there are plenty of fragrances from this perfume line that may appeal to females’ population. The brain behind the fragrance project Juliette Has a Gun is Romano Ricci, Nina Ricci’s grandson.

The project was founded in 2005. The incredible perfume line for women is based on rose scent. The basic element used in these fragrances is the classic rose. All women are crazy about receiving flowers from the one they love. A rose is known to be the symbol of love and passion and, thus, this could be one of the best gifts a man could offer to his true love.

Juliette Has a Gun is an incredible perfume line which initially consisted in ten scents

The name of the perfume line refers to Shakespeare’s tragedy icon, Juliette. Despite the fact that modern Juliette is armed with a gun, this weapon may constitute a metaphor for the perfume, making it very romantic. The gun is her seduction weapon, living life on the edge and experiencing all the pleasures she wished for. The perfume is bound to symbolize women’s liberation towards men even if sometimes this may taste like revenge.

The fragrance line Juliette Has a Gun encourages the innovation of femininity in a never-ending quest. Based on the philosophy of the company, the creators are prone to look at perfumery as an art. The original collection consists in ten scents, a line of three candles and bullet-shaped Universal Purse Spray. The first Juliette Has a Gun edition appeared in 2006 while the newest one was launched in 2016.

The fragrance project evolved and became very popular

In what follows, we will take a look at the most popular fragrances from the perfume line.

The perfume Lady Vengeance

Juliette Has a Gun became a popular perfume brand where the scents are based on rose fragrance.


This perfume starts off with an air of woody citrus, and it has some middle tones of soapy-clean. The base tones of this perfume change into a contrast among green citrus and fuzzy, soft almond. The outcome is a nice balance of warmth and coolness which persists for hours.

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Miss Charming

This scent is the only one from the entire collection which seems “girlish” at first. It starts off with some light flowery notes, leading towards some fruity notes that turn into a sensual and provocative perfume. This scent represents the perfect mixture between lucidity and ingenuousness. Miss Charming contains musk, red fruits, and Moroccan rose.

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Lady Vengeance

This perfume is still floral, but also adds a deeper level of strong rose smell. This note offers the fragrance a vintage feeling. The outcome is a balance between sophistication and richness, being based on expressions of confidence and femininity. Lady Vengeance is a sensual scent, relying on notes of vanilla, lavender, patchouli and Bulgarian rose. This provides a touch of elegance and a vintage feel.

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All in all, the scents from the perfume line Juliette Has a Gun are likely to be suitable for every woman, no matter how pretentious and sophisticated, or, on the contrary, pure and innocent she might be.


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