Japanese hair straightening is also known as the thermal reconditioning procedure. If you have big curls, this method is a great option to obtain straight hair. Make sure to go to the best and most experienced hairstyling professionals. They will apply a particular substance on your locks and use a ceramic iron to flat-iron your hair in order to complete straightening. Before we cover the top places to go for Japanese hair straightening in New York, we will answer some questions you may have.

What Exactly Is Japanese Hair Straightening?

The Japanese hair straightening process (thermal reconditioning) is loved by many. This treatment blew up in NYC specifically in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Later on, it became popular all around this US. When the Brazilian Hair Treatment came out, the Japanese Hair Straightening became less popular. That was up until all the studies came out about the dangers of formaldehyde, a product used in the Brazilian Hair Treatment.


After this, the Japanese Hair Straightening process made its way back into the popular public eye. The way this treatment works is by application of a product that straightens out the hair, and then it is flat ironed to help it keep a hold. The hair is drenched in this Japanese Hair Straightening product, blow dried, then ironed. Lastly, a neutralizer is put on the hair which holds it. Thankfully, it lasts an average of six months.

This is great news considering it is not a fast treatment and you can be in the salon a pretty long time depending on certain factors, such as hair length. This treatment’s setting process afterward is very important. This is where the hold will be determined. No washing, hair bands, or any other messing with it for at least three days afterward!

You can get this treatment done pretty much anywhere. Just be sure to do your research beforehand to learn precisely what you will be investing in. There are some downsides to the treatment, as we will discover later in this article.

Is Japanese Hair Straightening Permanent?

This is a permanent hair treatment, so that means your hair stays straight until you grow it out which means all your natural hair will be at the top, growing from your roots, and the treated straight hair will be at the end.


A good way to look at this treatment is similar to how you would look at a body wave perm that gives you curly hair when you have straight hair. If this scares you, or if you are worried this may look strange later on, consider that this treatment means either getting your hair treated once or twice a year, or doing a big cut later on down the line. You are essentially getting a new head of hair. The only reason to return for further treatment is to get your new hair growth treated.

This is definitely a part to consider when researching Japanese Hair Straightening treatment! A treatment that is so powerful it can take unruly curls and make them pin straight for half a year or more is powerful. You will want to be wary of who administers this treatment. It’s important to find a trained professional and ask questions. Going in with confidence is important since this is an irreversible treatment, so don’t be afraid to inquire until you feel comfortable entrusting your hair to a hairstylist.

How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Last?

The length of time Japanese Hair Straightening treatment lasts varies. On average, it lasts about 6 months. In reality, it varies much more than this. Everyone has a different head of hair. That means a different rate of growth, different textures, level of frizz, and so many other variables to factor in. It last as little as one month, all the way up to eight or nine months in some cases.


Keep in mind, as we mentioned previously, once you get this treatment done, there’s no going back. It is a permanent straightening procedure in the same sense a perm is with curls. All the frizzy hair and curls will leave and stay gone, but that does not mean the new growth will be any different than before.

Going back for treatment is all dependent on how fast your hair grows out and how much you’re able to maintain the treatment and the new growth. There are products you can buy to help maintain this treatment such as Japanese Hair Straightening Cream.

This treatment does not come without its perils, though. Unlike the Brazilian hair straightening treatment or keratin complex treatment, this straightening procedure is not meant to repair and nurture hair. It’s exciting to consider the prospect of not having to frequently go back and get treatment, but you have to consider the permanent damage by chemicals this treatment will do to your hair.


In order to go back to all natural, you will eventually have to cut off the treated hair and start over. With the more natural treatments listed above, you will be at the salon much more frequently, but it will not change your hair as you know it. If you are okay with the fact that this is a permanent hair straightening treatment and changes your hair for good, this is the treatment for you!

How Much Does Japanese Hair Straightening Cost?

The cost of Japanese hair straightening treatment will be determined by a few factors such as where you live and your length of hair. On average, longer length hair begins at the $500 range. If you have middle length hair, it’s around the $300 mark.


For shorter hair, it’s around the $200 range. Keep in mind, this is a permanent treatment, so it lasts a long time! It may seem like a better deal financially to do a different treatment, but you will essentially be paying the same amount or more in order to go back to the salon frequently with a less permanent treatment. There are many factors to consider here, but we all know money is an important one to keep in mind.

For the most accurate pricing, you will need to call around to hair places in your area that administer this treatment. But remember, don’t compromise for a cheaper price on this! Quality is with this Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening and lasting hair treatment.

Below, you will find a list of the best Japanese hair straightening places to go to in New York. All of these places have Japanese Hair Straightening reviews that exceed the wildest expectations.


Top 5 Japanese Hair Straightening Salons in New York

a woman using a straightening flat iron

1. Hair IB, Hair Straightening Specialists

This salon is a great choice and provides a wide range of hairstyling services, among which is also the Japanese hair straightening. Their experts will give you those long straight locks you’ve always wanted. Furthermore, after their treatment, your hair will look shiny, healthy and luscious. This kind of method lasts for no less than six to nine months.


2. Hair K.Y. Lee

Hair K.Y. Lee experts specialize in both Japanese Hair Straightening and Brazilian Keratin Treatment at this full-service hair salon. Moreover, they regularly offer special discounts and coupons. On their website, you can find all the details you need such as their full range of hairstyling services, prices, special offers, and before-and-after photos. As their client, you will feel special and be treated with exceptional hospitality.

3. Kiwa Salon East

Kiwa Salon is located in New York City, and it provides some of the best Japanese hair straightening services available on the market. They are also present in Japan, and world-renowned beauty experts train their hairstylists. Their main concern is your happiness. They focus on high-quality services as well as on clients’ satisfaction. Yumi is the owner of this salon, and she graduated from the visual arts school, with a great deal of experience.

4. Hayato New York

Hayato Salon & Academy is a well-known place in New York, especially among beauty experts and hairstyling fans. According to the owner, he created this salon to harmonize the way women look and enhance their natural beauty, also increasing their confidence. Most of their clients are independent, modern women. All their services are specially developed to satisfy  customers and exceed their expectations. The salon even exhibits the works of famous artists.


5. HairPlace NYC, Everything Hair

This hairstyling salon provides many types of hair straightening treatments such as Japanese hair straightening, Brazilian method, and Cashmere straightening. You can choose from two types of treatments: permanent and temporary straightening. After pampering your hair at this salon, your locks will look and feel softer, smoother, and shinier. Their experts promise minimal hair damage.

Consider Permanently Straight Locks

Japanese hair straightener treatment can be a great option if you want to have permanently straight locks. To avoid any potential problems and hair damages, you should choose one of the hair salons described above. They all have well-trained experts who can take good care of your hair during the Japanese Hair Straightening process.


Remember that this treatment is permanent, so make sure to select the best salon you can afford to get results you will be able to enjoy for months to come.

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