A lot of people like to drink sparkling water instead of regular one. It is true that is healthier than soda but is it flat water even better? Furthermore, is Seltzer water good for you? Turns out it might not be as great for your teeth as you thought. Some dentists say that carbonated water might damage your enamel but let’s find out more, below.

What Is Seltzer Water?

Seltzer water is a soda water, or in other words, a medicinal carbonated water produced in Germany. This topic is quite a controversy. Some say Seltzer water is great to keep you hydrated. Others state it is ok, but even though this water is better than soda which contains a lot of sugar, regular water should always be your fist choice.

Although Seltzer water doesn’t have calories and sugars, it might be bad for your teeth because it is a mineral water. It seems that sparkling water, including Seltzer, has the potential of damaging your teeth’s enamel. Being acidic can have an erosive effect on your teeth. This negative result is enhanced when you drink flavored carbonated water.

Is Seltzer Water Good for You?

a glass of mineral water

Like I previously mentioned, Seltzer water is a mineral water. Therefore, it hydrates your body just like any other flat water. On the other hand, some specialists have come up with the hypothesis that all carbonated water brands, including Seltzer, might damage your enamel and, in time, ruin your teeth.

So, is Seltzer water good for you or not? So far, there is no clear evidence to whether mineral water is bad for your body or not. The wisest thing to do is to maintain a balance between drinking Seltzer water and other mineral brands and regular plain water.

On the other hand, the FDA states that soda water, tonic water, Seltzer, and all sparkling water brands are not bottled waters but soft drinks. Normally, Seltzer is carbonated water with nothing else added in it. However, you should always consult the label to see exactly what ingredients a product has.

Pros and Cons of Seltzer Water


  • Drinking Seltzer water hydrates your body and meets your daily water requirements. It helps flush your toxins and transports nutrients to your body cells.
  • It gives you a new interesting flavor and sensation in your mouth. It is not as boring as plain water. You can add some lemon slices to give it that extra something.


  • The real danger comes from the fact that many people combine Seltzer water with other beverages instead of drinking it as it is. Now you are probably wondering Is Seltzer water good for you, or it’s fine as long as you drink it plain, directly from the bottle?! Well, yes and no.
  • Seltzer contains carbon dioxide. This means it might cause gassiness and other symptoms such as flatulence and abdominal bloating.

Let’s Recap

So, is Seltzer water good for you? If you like the taste more than you like drinking plain water, go ahead and drink sparkling water. Make sure to alternate it with flat water, though. Otherwise, you might experience unpleasant symptoms like abdominal bloating. The important thing is to stay hydrated and to avoid sodas and other beverages that contain sugar and are unhealthy.

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