Now that spring is upon us you already know what comes with it: flowers. However, they are not only blooming in gardens, but on our eyebrows too. And if that sounds weird, it’s because it really is a bit bizarre. Meet the new Instagram trend that is slowly taking over social media: garden eyebrows. So, if you want to be ready for spring, this crazy style is for you. Also, if you are bold enough to out in the street with eyebrows looking like gardens in bloom. But before diving into what this trend actually means, let’s start at the beginning.

You might remember Canadian Instagram influencer and blogger Taylor R from last year’s brow trend, the magical Christmas tree eyebrows. This year she is back at it once again this time with the already-famous garden eyebrows. Let’s face it! This new trend is a lot prettier and wearable than that holiday-inspired one. And actually, it’s a very complex process that your eyebrows have to go through to turn green and have flowers growing out of them. Taylor R knows the struggle very well and because we also know everything, we found out some secrets, in case you might want to replicate this latest Instagram craze on your own face. Curious? Here we go!

The Instafamous garden eyebrows

Taylor uses wax to create that grass-like look to her eyebrows. After that, she uses a clean mascara brush and coats it with liquid green lipstick. By combing it through her eyebrows she creates that grass effect that’s needed for the flowers to grow.

Taylor then prefers to use tiny baby’s breath flowers and attach them to the hairs in her eyebrows. She glues the flowers in with eyelash glue to make it look like the flowers are growing out of the “grass”.

The last step is to add the finishing touches to the garden in her eyebrows. She sometimes adds tiny flower and butterfly transfer tattoos around her eyebrows. This is how she does her famous garden eyebrows, but she makes sure to keep the eye makeup to a minimum. All the attention needs to be on the eyebrows and not on any other point of her face. Being one with the nature is fun, but this new Instagram trend takes this phrase to an entire new level.


Fancy having a garden of your own in your eyebrows? Here are some inspiration looks from other Instagrammers that you can replicate, if you feel bold enough.

It’s worth noting that this interesting look works very well with bridal makeup too. Simply use tiny white flowers and don’t make your eyebrows green. It will look magical indeed.

Then, you can also try a fairytale-like look with bold garden eyebrows and flowers on your forehead. Perfect for a play or a photoshoot. This is realistically speaking because basically, you can go anywhere like this if you like your look.

Summing it all up

So, what do you think about this new garden eyebrows trend that’s taking Instagram by storm? Are you bold enough to try one of these looks? If you are, show us your results down below!

Image source: pixabay