When it comes to makeup and beauty, you can never learn too much! In our endless quest for imagination, innovation, and resourcefulness, we find plenty of people who show us how to look amazing with little effort and lots of fun. After we presented you with our favorite hair colorists on Instagram, it is time to meet a handful a makeup gurus to follow for your daily dose of beauty inspiration.

1. An Knook

This young and gorgeous YouTuber from the Netherlands has some beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials ready for you every week. Her channel, An Knook, is backed up by her Instagram account and her personal shop Annytude. What we love most about her is that she has a true passion for makeup and her eye makeup tutorials are veritable works of art. We strongly recommend you follow her and try some of her creations, be they the classic brown glitter eye makeup tutorials or soft Valentine’s Day cut crease ones.

2. The Floral Princess

You may know her as the Floral Princess, but her real name is Anastasia and she is a YouTube sensation. Young, sassy, classy, funny, and always willing to share her latest ideas and hacks, Anastasia delivers two videos a week. You can put her on your list of makeup gurus to follow because you will have plenty to learn from her. Some of her videos are life-changing, as she shows how to turn from your grumpy morning self to a runway diva every day. Her product reviews teach you what to look for in a makeup product, while her drugstore cosmetics vs. high-end cosmetics tutorials are flawless.

3. Denitslava Makeup

Denitsa is a 20-something Bulgarian makeup guru with loyal followers who enjoy every second spent on her Denitslava Makeup YouTube channel. Do you want some fast, easy, and seductive smoky eyes? Denitsa has a few tricks up her sleeve. Do you want to learn what a magnetic facemask is? Denitsa is not afraid to test and highlight. Are you curious about the latest Instagram trends? She is here to experiment and see where things go.

4. Tanya Cheban

The first thing you will notice about Tanya is that she has flawless skin and mind-blowing hair. Other than that, Tanya Cheban’s YouTube channel is the Holy Grail of beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials for all women who want to look amazing without spending hours or fortunes in doing so. She ventures beyond the realm of makeup, touching topics on hair care, brows’ care and design, her favorite drugstore cosmetics, even workouts. If you want to learn the secrets of eyebrows’ grooming or winter nighttime routines for impeccable healthy beauty, then Tanya should be on your list of makeup gurus to follow this year.

5. Brittany Bear

If you want to learn how to contour your nose, how to apply false eyelashes, how to get bigger lips, or how to use a winged eyeliner, Brittany Bear is your go-to girl for all these and then some! Brittany steps out of the comfort zone of eye makeup or lipstick choices and features solid guidelines on highlighting and contouring for beginners or full-face transformations for women on the go. A pleasure to watch and learn from, Brittany will more than welcome you in her Bear family.

Gathering up our brushes…

What other makeup gurus do you follow? What do you learn from them? Are you a YouTube makeup tutorials buff or do you follow other experts, magazines, or online accounts?