If you want to have a great summer body, you could use some inner thigh workouts. In this way, you will have fit legs, getting rid of cellulite and fat on the inner thighs. Make sure you do all the exercises as they are indicated and repeat each exercise at least 15 times.

Best Inner Thigh Exercises! Get a Thigh Gap



Working your inner thigh muscles is very important if you want to have fit legs. The first exercise is a wide stand squat. You will still work out your butt also, but this exercises predominantly targets your inner thighs. Stand straight, split your legs, bend your knees and sit with your butt back. In this way, you will build up your legs, having fit thighs while getting rid of cellulite.

The next exercises imply using weights. Basically, you repeat the same exercises, but you also put weight on your shoulders. You should repeat these 20 to 30 times to burn up the fat in your thigh area. Next, you can also use dumb bells to do this exercise. Squat down while holding the dumb bells, right in front of you, keeping your back straight and your butt back. To obtain the best results, repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times.

The next exercise is reverse lunges. You need to keep your back straight and push back one of your legs back. Repeat for the other leg too. For the next exercise, you will need ankle weights. Just lay on your side, bending your top leg in front of your body, keeping it on the floor. Maintain your other leg straight and lift it up. Repeat this exercise 20 to 30 times for each leg.

New Inner Thigh Workout for Women – 16 Minutes at Home

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The first exercise is sumo squats. Stand straight, split your legs wider and bend your knees, lowering your butt, while holding weights. You need to hold the weights in front of the hips, stretching the inner abductors. Remember to keep your back straight.

The second exercise implies lunges. Keep your back straight and your hands together in front of your chest. Slowly bend one of your knees, going down while you maintain your other leg straight. Repeat this exercise for both your legs, 20 times each.

The third exercise consists in asymmetrical reverse lunges. Stand up straight, hold a dumb bell in one of your hands and bend the corresponding leg while you straighten the opposite leg laterally. Repeat this exercise for your other leg too. Make sure you repeat the exercise 7 to 15 times.

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The first exercise is the inner thigh W’s. Lie on one side, supporting your body with your elbow. Place your other hand on your hip and bend the corresponding leg, keeping it on the mat for support. Leave the hip off the ground and do a ‘W’ in the air with the heel. Switch sides and repeat.

The next exercise is a ski squat with inner thigh lifts. Do a sky squat and then lift one of your legs. Do the same for the other leg and make sure you rotate your inner thigh.

Summing up

These inner thigh workouts will help you have fit and sexy legs, while also working out your butt and hips. You will get rid of the unwanted fat in just a few days. Make sure you give everything you have to look just like you have always wanted.

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