So many things to talk about, not enough Infinit Nutrition reviews. We’re going to try and change that because, let us all you – Infinit is really something. Is it perfect? No, of course not. But it’s incredibly promising and, hopefully, within the following paragraphs, you’ll see why.

Infinit Nutrition: The Premise

Infinit started off on the premise that there is no such thing as a universal, formulaic nutrition plan. Every person has different needs, so you can advertise your revolutionary bottled nutritional wonder all day long. What works for Average Joe might have opposite results for Average Jane. This is just how things work. Ideally, everyone should have their very own, personal nutritionist to shepherd them through the bumpy roads of health.

We can actually make the bold statement that Infinit can serve as an inanimate personal nutritionist. It won’t give you any encouraging pieces of advice in the near future (looking forward to the sentient packets of nutritional powder ruling the world), but it’s personal.

Infinit Nutrition works on a custom-only basis, giving their clientele the option (or, rather, obligation since there aren’t any standard packages) of creating their own blend. Does that sound confusing? It probably does; after all, not many of us believe that we’re fit to determine our nutritional regimes by ourselves. You won’t, don’t worry.

How It Works

You don’t actually choose your own blend. Rather, you either complete a survey or appoint a phone call with Infinit’s experts, both of which will help you determine what kind of nutritional plan might be the one for you. The phone consultation is exactly what it sounds like – it’s no different from a normal visit to the doctor. Therefore, yes, the claim that Infinit Nutrition acts as a static personal nutritionist stands.

This is the starting part. Once you get through all of it, you’ll eventually get your hands on your very own, custom-made pouch of Infinit servings. By servings, we refer to the bottle on a bike, so preparation is as easy and clear as it can get. Dump in two scoops per bottle and you’re set. It will also last you for a while, seeing how a single pouch is fitted for as many as 25 servings.

Final Verdict: Does It Work?

The premise is nice and all, but does Infinit Nutrition actually live up? Is it of any help for its intended purpose?

First of all, it’s worth noting that Infinit is primarily a pre and post workout product, destined to help you tap into as much of your energy reserves as possible. Since workout is a crucial aspect of any weight loss program, Infinit is, by default, contributing to shedding extra pounds. So, yes, it does help with weight loss since it makes workouts more efficient.

Another important thing is that Infinit is natural and free of any bizarre chemical compounds. It doesn’t even have coloring. The more natural something is, the easier it will be to slim down. However, as expected, it’s not a magic wand. You do need to exercise and to follow a thorough regime to actually see any results.