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Holographic nail polish is ordinary nail polish which has a pigment that is called Spectraflair. This pigment consists of microfine particles. Specialists argue that you can also purchase products to make your own. More often than not, you can find holographic glitter polishes in store. However, the pieces of glitter are pretty large.

Besides the holographic glitter polish, there is also the scattered holographic polish which has little spectraflair in the nail polish.

And the most amazing type of holographic nail polish is the linear one. You can actually see a linear rainbow in it. Unfortunately, this is not very common in stores. Let’s take a look at some exquisite holographic manicures that you can wear this summer.

Sparkly rainbow


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This fine silver nail polish which offers a holographic effect will definitely make you sparkle. You will have an amazing look, and everyone will be curious to find your secret.

Purple and blue

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Who said you only need to search for holographic nail polish in rainbow colors? You can definitely use your favorite color. Look at how nicely this nail polish with blue and purple shades enhances your manicure.

Black nails

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You should try applying a holographic top coat over your favorite color, like black. You could apply a black nail polish and then add some holographic nail polish to make your nails sparkle. If you use some patterns when applying it, it will look even more fun.

Iridescent look

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How fantastic this iridescent nail polish looks! It is a holographic top coat which gives you a mirror-like manicure because the glitter is in very small particles.

Silver nails

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This one looks even more mirror-like. The silver holographic nail polish will definitely enhance your look this summer! This electric manicure will make you stand out from the crowd.

Broken glass

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This nail polish offers you a broken-glass effect, having a green and blue reflection. This holographic nail polish can have a huge impact on your outfit. When your nails become your canvas, you know you will look amazing.

Blue holographic nails

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Using this blue holographic nail polish will offer you a playful look, being very trendy this summer. Your exquisite look will make all your friends jealous.

Ombre look

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You can also try an ombre look with your favorite holographic nail polish. Furthermore, you can also mix two of your most favorite colors, like pink and light blue.

Pink reflection

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Wow! This nail polish looks extraordinary! It has a pink touch and a mirror-like reflection. What else can you possibly wish for when it comes to nail polish? Enjoy your nail polish and be creative!

Purple holographic nails

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This holographic nail polish with many shades of pink and purple will color your summer. Go ahead and become artsy with this amazing nail polish.

Brown holographic nails

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This brown shade of holographic nail polish brings sparks in your life, spicing up your outfit. You should definitely try it!

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Summing up, all these ideas of using holographic nail polish can help you decide which look suits you best.

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