If you love braiding your hair, then you should learn how to waterfall braid. This new trend is a back to basics one. Waterfall braids represent a fantastic way to wear a braid, and these braids become accessories for you. Some women may prefer combining waterfalls braids with other types of braids for a more complex and gorgeous look.

You just need to follow the next steps to obtain the result you wanted. Firstly, after dividing your hair, take a section of hair on the heavy side of the part. Next, divide this section into three smaller ones and cross the back strand of hair over the middle and then the front strand over the middle strand. Then, you need to cross the back strand of hair over the middle and add one more section of hair to develop a French braid.

Next, cross the front strand over the middle and add one more section of hair like you did before. Then, cross the back strand of hair over the middle one and add another section of hair. This time, instead of crossing the front strand over the middle one, like you did before, drop it and choose a new section of hair which is directly behind that hair strand. Then, cross it over the middle, replacing the dropped hair strand.

If you want to learn how to waterfall braid your hair, take a look at these tutorials

Next step you need to follow is to cross the back strand over and add hair as usual. Then, drop the front strand again instead of crossing over the middle, just like you did before, adding a replacement for it. Cross the back strand over the middle and add another hair strand until your braid reaches the back of your head.

In the end, continue braiding the three strands into a regular one and pin it against the head. You can lay hair over your pin to hide it, use a little hairspray and you are all set. Here are some tutorials which will definitely help you.

How to do a Waterfall Braid

By Missy Sue

Here, she explains step by step how to do the braid, separating the strands of hair and braiding them really slow so that you can see how she separates all the sections.

Waterfall Braid Tutorial

By BecomeGorgeouscom

Besides the actual video, we have some screen shots now and then which focuses on an important step in the braiding process. In the end, she finishes by putting on a small and transparent elastic band instead of a pin.

How to WATERFALL BRAID for Beginners

By The Hair Look

During the braiding process, we receive some written indications while the video is in slow motion. The braiding process is slow at the beginning to make sure the watcher follows the steps correctly.

Create a Flowing Waterfall Braid

By Marie Claire

The steps are all the same. When braiding, she stops braiding the hair somewhere at the middle and pins it to the head. This appears to be really simple, and it looks amazing.

How To Create a Boho Waterfall Braid

By DermOrganic

Here we also have some ads on hair products. The hairstylist recommends certain hair products for styling. She continued braiding the hair all the way around the head. This look gorgeous!

Summing up, these tutorials may come in handy if you want to try a new look. Have fun braiding your hair!