You might remember that weird-looking tool which was omnipresent in the 1980s, essential for getting those defined and pretty curls. Well, it seems like the hair dryer diffuser is now making a comeback in the mainstream. It’s time to blow the dust off its box and use it again! A diffuser is mostly a tool that enhanced the natural texture of your hair, so it’s mostly something that a wavy or curly-haired person would use. And because we were not all born in the ‘80s when it was so popular, we have prepared a guide on how to use a hair dryer diffuser and get those perfectly-bouncy curls in no time!

According to professional hairstylists, who absolutely adore the hair diffuser, it’s the best way to enhance the natural bend of your hair and then make it even more beautiful. It’s an alternative to blow drying your hair straight and then using a wand to make it curly. It’s actually a lot faster and very easy to do. It seems that the diffuser works for any type of hair that has at least some texture. For naturally-curly haired people, you should know that leaving your curls alone before using the diffuser is key. Don’t brush them too much!

How to do it

So, after you’ve washed your hair and detangled any knots that may have formed, you need to apply a mousse. If your hair is a bit straighter, you should apply a spray, as the mousse will make it heavy and straighten it even more. You should also divide your hair into two sections, especially if it’s thick. Put the top part of your hair, from the ears to the hairline, up in a ponytail and start at the bottom part.

Using the diffuser

You should now take 2-inch sections of your hair and place the strands one by one in the diffuser’s bowl. Set it on low or medium and slightly twist the strand to give it more definition to the future curl. The idea here is to dry your hair at about 75%, not completely. Too much heat at once will kill the waves, not create them.

It’s worth noting that you can obtain more volume at the crown of your head by using the diffuser there. Gently massage your scalp with the nubs. This will offer height and volume to the hair, even up there. Now, the last step is to get rid of the diffuser and use a normal blow dryer instead, for your roots. Add a round brush into the mix and use that to define the ends of your curls.

Finally, the last step is to apply a shine serum, a frizz control one, or even oil, according to your needs. However, be careful not to apply it at the roots because this will kill all the volume! The best alternative would be to put some product on your palms and gently massage your strands of hair.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our short and simple guide on how to use a hair dryer diffuser? Did out steps help you? Do you remember this vintage tool now? Will you use it? Tell us and show us your results down below!

Image source: maxpixel