Manicure scissors or nail clippers? Metallic file or emery board? Push back your cuticles or try to soften them up with a special hand and cuticle cream? When it comes to nails and trimming them, everyone seems to have an opinion. But now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Three vloggers will teach us how to trim nails properly, so make sure to read on and watch their videos.

1. The Beauty by Jenny Tutorial

Beauty by Jenny delivered a super simple and basic tutorial that allows us to go back to the roots of nail trimming. In just two and a half minutes, you can learn how to cut and trim your nails from this lovely lady correctly.

She starts off by using a pair of nails clippers and showing us just how easy it is to cut even the longest of nails is just two simple moves. She then proceeds to file them with an emery board and voila. The work is done. Make sure all your nails are the same size, and you’re good to go. So nice to see there are still ladies keeping it simple! Here’s Beauty by Jenny’s YouTube channel.


2. The EasyNailsTutorials Tutorial

Here’s an interesting one for you. If you are looking for something specific in terms of trimming your nails, we found a super easy tutorial that shows you how to cut stiletto nails. The most efficient way, according to these professionals is to apply the tips first. Then you can simply use a pair of scissors to cut the square tips into a stiletto shape.

To create a perfect triangle, choose a point in the middle of the nail and start there. Cut once on the right and once on the left just as you can see in this awesome tutorial and you’re done. If it’s easier, they advise to use a marker and set a point in the top middle in the fingernail. Check out more of their awesome videos and advice on their channel.


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3. The Kristee Beauty Tutorial

The thing we loved the most about Kristee Beauty’s tutorial is that not only does she show us how to trim nails properly, but she also shows us how to take care of them. Therefore, she begins by cutting her long and beautiful nails with manicure scissors. Then she files them away into perfection until she gets rid of all those pesky corners that might cause them to break.

The next step is applying a layer of O.P.I Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. The beauty vlogger does this every day for six days straight. On the seventh day, you can take it all off and then start over. This little habit will strengthen your nails, make them shinier and healthier and also serve you as a nail polish base.

Then she uses a bit of extra virgin olive oil twice or three times a day to soften her cuticles and make sure her hands are always in pristine conditions. And what pretty hands she has! To see more of them, check out her Insta.


Here are the three vloggers that have promised to teach us how to trim nails properly. From the most basic of clippings to the applying of nail strengtheners and natural olive oil to your cuticles, you’ve seen it all. What is your favorite way of trimming your nails?