Learning how to style wavy hair has never been easier! Like most women with wavy hair, you have surely wished for a straight hair. However, you should embrace the way your natural hair looks like and learn how to style it. Even if your hair may give you headaches sometimes because it seems impossible to style, you will see that it is not that hard after all.

The great news is that you can style your wavy hair without necessarily using heating products. However, if you love curls, you can use a curling wand to get the perfect look.

Use Styling Products

First, wash your hair and apply a good conditioner. You can choose a shampoo for wavy hair. In this way, you will be able to detangle it easily after you dry it. Since a wavy hair gets pretty difficult to detangle, make sure you comb it while it’s still wet. Therefore, you will avoid breaking a lot of hair. It is better if you use a wide tooth comb. Work out all those tangles to be able to style it.

To enhance your waves, apply a styling product, like a paste, mousse or spray that do not contain any alcohol, to avoid the crunchy feeling. Apply the styling product from the ends towards the roots. Try to use a product that is wave enhancing. Do not add this product to your roots because it will create buildup and make it look stiff.

Scrunch your hair and then finger comb it to arrange messy waves. Blow dry your hair and you are all set. Your amazing waves look healthy and shiny!

Use Heat Tools

Repeat some of the steps above like condition your hair, apply a styling product, scrunch it and then blow dry it. Spritz a wave enhancing serum onto your hair and comb it. Apply a heat protector spray to your hair after you dry it. Be careful because all heating tools can damage your hair. Section your hair and use a curling iron to do some loose curls.

Make sure you do not clamp your hair with your curling iron. Instead, wrap it around the heat tool to give it a wavy look. Use hair spray to set your hair in place after curling it.

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Knowing how to style wavy hair can give you the perfect summer look you have always wanted.

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Braid Your Hair for a Wavy Look

First, wash your hair and comb it while it’s still wet. Work all your tangles to be able to braid your hair. You won’t like to brush or comb your hair after you take the braid out because you may brush out the waves. Depending on how you want your waves to be, you can braid two braids, a tight braid or a loose one.

Keep in mind that you do not need to feel bumps on your head when sleeping. Therefore, make sure the braids feel comfortable to wear. Let your braid dry overnight and in the morning take your braid out. Spritz your hair with some hair spray and your wavy hair will look amazing!

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Knowing how to style wavy hair can help you have an awesome summer look. Make sure you protect your hair with a special spray when using heat tools. Do not apply too much hair spray after your get the look you wanted because it may feel crunchy.

Image Source: Beauty Hacked