If you want to learn how to remove ingrown hair, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you out. First, you need to know that an ingrown hair is a strand of hair which curled back while growing, underneath your skin.

Everyone experiences this unpleasant thing sooner or later. However, people who have curly hair tend to experience this more often than the rest. Let’s take a look at these instructions that can help you get rid of ingrown hair.

Sharp device

You could sterilize tweezers or a needle to gently pull the hair out of your skin. First, use a warm compress. This could help you bring the strand of hair towards the surface of the skin. If you can avoid it, do not pluck the hair out. You only need to make sure that the end of the hair strand is out. Be very careful and try to avoid cutting your skin.

If you use tweezers, make sure you have a pointy-tipped one because this may determine less damage than a flat-tipped one.

Maintain your skin clear of ingrown hairs

You should try washing the area where you used to have ingrown hairs using moisturizing soap and warm water. To make sure you won’t experience any infections, you can use an antiseptic. Furthermore, it is important to avoid wearing tight clothes in that particular area.

Apply compress

Wet a clean washcloth and gently press it against the area with ingrown hairs. After the washcloth cools down, you need to run it under hot water one more time and apply it to your skin. This method will help soften the hair, bringing it closer to the surface. If you repeat this treatment for 10 minute and the ingrown hair still does not rise, then you should ask for a specialist’s help.

Someone touching his/her leg

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Egg membrane

First, remove the membrane from the eggshell and cover the affected area with it.  Let the membrane dry on that area and then pull it off. Your ingrown hair should be stuck on the egg membrane.

Acne treatment

If nothing else works, you could use some acne medication. Specialists indicate that ingrown hairs behave in a similarly to pimples, especially when that ingrown hair accumulated pus. There are also some serums specifically for ingrown hairs. To make sure you get rid of this, apply salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide a few times per day. Exfoliate that area on a daily basis.  The swelling will reduce, and your hair will grow out.

Bread compress and warm milk

Warm some milk, but make sure it is not too hot. Dip a slice of bread into the milk and then place it onto the affected area. Leave the piece of bread there for like 2 minutes and remove it. Repeat this for like 10 minutes. Your pores must be opened now, and you can see the ingrown hairs getting out. Use a sterilized needle to pull up the tip of the hair.

Summing up, all these methods could help you get rid of ingrown hairs, hydrating your skin and cleansing the affected area.