Do you want to know how to remove glitter form skin? Then keep on reading. If you want to have a spectacular look at a party, you should probably find out how to remove glitter after applying a heavy makeup. Glitter is nice and makes you sparkle. Therefore, there is no bad occasion for using it. You cannot pass unobserved if you apply some glitter on your eyelids or even on your lips.

Some say that it could be dangerous to apply glitter on your eyes. Even if some of that glitter can get stuck in your eyes, you are still happy to wear it without thinking about how to remove it.  That’s the tricky part. If you do not know some tricks which could help you remove it, then you will be wearing it for days.

Using some glitter makeup could make you sparkle, being more confident

Therefore, people say that glitter makeup is one of the most long-wearing makeup. Firstly, you may feel tempted to just wash your face, using some cleanser and water. If you do that, you will most certainly regret it. Whatever you do, you should give up on this idea. You are just going to make it worse. If you apply soap and try to rinse it with water, you will only spread the glitter even more, without actually removing it.


Here are some tricks about how to remove glitter from skin in just a few minutes.

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One of the tricks which could be used is to grab some scotch tape and let it do its work. You only need to use the tape like a lint-roller, simply picking up the glitter particles with the sticky side. You can try and do this for a couple of times, but do not go too hard because you will most likely irritate your skin. After using this scotch tape trick, just grab a cotton pad and some baby oil, olive oil or eye-makeup remover.

If you want to know how to remove glitter from skin, then you should never start with cleanser and water

Then you should soak up the cotton pad and gently press over the glitter, sweeping away the glitter particles which got stuck on your face. You need to use a grabbing-like motion to make sure you remove all glitter particles. If you only rub around the area covered in glitter, you will just spread it all over your face. When you oil up the area, the glitter should loosen, being ready to be removed.

If you want to find out how to remove glitter from the skin in a correct way, then only now, after following all the steps above, you can wash your face using cleanser and water. Using a wet washcloth may be even more helpful. After washing your face, try to look closely in the mirror and see whether there is some remaining sparkle which shines in the light. If so, grab that scotch tape again and gently pick up the remaining bits of glitter.

Summing up, to become glitter-free you should never apply water and cleanser first because that is not a correct technique of glitter removal.