A bun is a primary tool in every girl’s arsenal. We basically use it almost every day and for everything and every occasion, from the office to going to the gym to a wedding or other special event. So, are there any secrets left to the bun that we haven’t uncovered yet? If there are, these three beauty vloggers can tell us all about them. You can learn from them how to put your hair in a bun.

1. How to Put Your Hair in A Donut Bun! | Kelly Goldhorn

Is there anyone left on the internet who hasn’t heard about the donut? Both the sweet ones and the hair type? Beauty vlogger extraordinaire Kelly Goldhorn doesn’t seem to think so, but she goes on to give us a full-on demonstration on how to use it anyway. And it’s a good thing that she does. We really did need a reminder on just how easy it is to create an extremely neat an elegant bun by using a simple donut, two elastics, and a few bobby pins.

Thanks so much, Kelly, for the refreshing video! You can find more of her on her awesome YouTube channel, of course.


2. SLEEK TOP KNOT BUN + BABY HAIRS | withlovedesirie

Did you want something professional on how to put your hair in a bun? You got it. Ladies, it doesn’t really get more professional than what beauty blogger Desirie is doing in this tutorial. In fact, it’s safe to say that she practically takes a simple and mundane thing such as tying your hair up in a knot without a donut and converts it into pure art.

Yes, you read that right. Desirie uses all sorts of hair products, including eco styling gel with olive oil and a shea moisture curling smoothie, not to mention the hairspray at the end. Just watch her tutorial as well as her channel, and you’ll see.


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3. Ballerina Bun For Short Hair | MissBudgetBeauty

Can you do a ballerina bun on a really short hair? Of course, you can. Just take a look at this amazing tutorial that Miss Budget Beauty has prepared for you. She simply takes a donut in the same shade as her hair and creates the bun. Then she makes good use of a lot of bobby pins which she places strategically in the back and all around the bun. This she does in order to keep all those shorter strands in place so that the ballerina bun can look all neat and stylish.

The finishing touches belong to the hairspray, of course. And lots of it. This is what you need to create the perfect ballerina look that will not disintegrate on you during the day. Find more of Miss Budget Beauty and her awesome advice on her channel.


So, have we learned anything new on how to put your hair in a bun from these pro beauty vloggers? We think we surely have. From awesome techniques on using the donut to new brands of hair products to the fact that hairspray is the secret key to an awesome bun, this hairstyle has never been more approachable.