Let’s be honest for a second here. Who doesn’t love beach hair? It’s those amazing irregular, semi-curls you get after you took a dip in the ocean or the salty sea, and then you let the summer breeze dry your hair out naturally. Luckily, you can recreate that look at home, using a few hair care products and a flat iron. Here’s how to make beach waves with a flat iron in three great tutorials.

1. The Fancy Hair Tutorial

Hello, my beauties! We’re using this vlogger’s own words because she is so right. Not only did we absolutely love her tutorial on how to make beach waves with a flat iron, but we also fell in love with her amazing bubbly and funny persona. To make the curls themselves, she starts off by spraying a bit of heat protector with avocado and olive oil. Then she brushes it thoroughly and starts curling away. But really, trust us, it’s a pleasure to see this lovely lady at work, simply because she’s so funny and delightful.

She is also full of useful info, giving us every possible detail about the extensions she’s wearing, all the products she uses for her hair, and the brand of the flat iron itself. Hey, she even tells us what lipstick shade she’s using. That’s what we call a tutorial! Find more of her on her Insta.


2. The Vagabond Youth Tutorial

Who even needs the beach when you’ve got Amy Vagabondd? She’s a delight to watch as she does her lovely day to day curls. However, the thing we loved the most about her tutorial is that she proved to be an absolute trove of information when it came to learning about new hair care products.

She uses a lot of them, some for protecting her hair, some for giving it a bit of extra shine, and others just for the smell and more delighted we could not be. We suggest you take a look because this girl really knows her game. A few of the products include names such as the lavender sea mist from Herbivore, argan oil from NuME or dry conditioner spray from Oscar Blandi. Here’s her Instagram.


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3. The Lyss Ryan Tutorial

You’re going to be blown away by beauty vlogger Lyss Ryan’s video because she has a whole new way of doing beach waves. All she does is let the flat iron heat up and part the hair in strands. Then she takes each strand between the prongs of the flat iron and simply moves it back and forth.

Although you might look at this procedure with a raised brow, as she herself admits doing the first time she spotted it, we were blown away by the results. These are, by far the most natural looking beach waves we’ve seen so far. They actually look exactly like the hair you get when you are on the beach after you swam in the ocean. Plus, they have a lot of volume, and they are messy. We couldn’t wait to run home and try it. Good job, Lyss Ryan!


As promised, here are the three tutorials on how to make beach waves with a flat iron. You can choose your favorite one, depending on what kind of look you want or on what type of curls you like best. Just write to us in the comment section below and let us know what you think.