Winter is close. Therefore, our skin, hair, and nails are changing, and not for the better. You need to develop your own special routine or regimen to protect your body from the wind and cold. Most of you are aware of this fact when it comes to your hair and skin. However, not many know that also the nails can be damaged because of the cold season. Besides other factors such as washing detergents and nail polish removers, wind and cold can also make your nails dry and break them. Below, you will find the most useful tips on how to keep your nails healthy.

The Best Tips on How to Keep Your Nails Healthy in Winter Time

female hands moisturized with hand cream

#4. Hydrate and Moisturize Your Nails

If you want strong nails, you should keep them moisturized at all times. Make sure to do this after every shower. Don’t apply the moisturizer only on your nails but also on your cuticles too. Choose those products that don’t have a specific scent because those can dry your nails. Most people drink more water during summer but staying hydrated is important in the winter time as well. Your nails like your skin and organs hydrate from the inside.

#3. Regularly Massage Your Cuticles

It is important to rub your nails and cuticles from time to time gently. You can use Vaseline for a daily massage. Another option is to pour a small amount of essential oil on your cuticles. This will strengthen your nails and will prevent further damage. Instead of cutting your cuticles try only to push them back. This way, you will avoid infections and maintain your nails’ health.

#2. Stop Using Nail Polish for a While

Your nails need a break now and then. Stop doing your manicure for a while. This way, you will help your nails recover from all those toxins that nail polishes contain. Acetone and other nail products can erode your nails and damage their protection layer. If your nails are yellow, it can be because of too much nail polish. When it comes to how to keep your nails healthy, giving them a well-deserved break from polish is a must.

#1. Cover Your Hands Up When Going Out

During winter, you should wear gloves every time you go out. This will protect both your hands and your nails from the cold, dry air. If you don’t have the habit of wearing gloves, keep a pair handy somewhere near your house’s door. This way, you will become accustomed to wearing gloves every time you venture out. Otherwise, your skin and nails will become vulnerable.

Wrapping It Up

Despite the cold weather, you can save and restore your nails’ health by using all of the above recommendations on how to keep your nails healthy. Like I previously mentioned, during winter, your skin and nails can be affected. This is why it is wise to develop a skin and nail care routine.

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