We all love wearing beautiful manicure and stand out in the crowd with amazing nail polish colors. Bright colors can even improve our mood. However, there is something that bothers us. Have you noticed how easily and quickly nail polish chip? Let’s face it! Not all of us can afford a maid to do our household chores for us. Therefore, cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes, and other activities might interfere with our desire to have beautiful manicures. We wanted to help you, so we have come up with the following tips on how to keep nail polish from chipping.

The Best Tips on How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping

a woman's hands with pink manicure

1. Prep Your Nails Properly

First of all, wash your hands and clean your nails before applying polish. Then, make sure your fingers and nails are completely dry before doing your manicure. Furthermore, your nails shouldn’t have any ridges, bumps or imperfections because all these can cause breakage. This is probably one of the most useful, easy, and effective tips on how to keep nail polish from chipping. Before applying the polish, file and buffer your nails properly.

2. Apply Thin Coats of Nail Polish

Thinner coats are a lot safer than thicker ones. Instead of applying two thick coats, you should stick to three thinner ones. This method makes your nails dry quicker, and there aren’t any risks of bubbles appearing between the coats. This strategy combined with a high-quality polish works amazingly.

3. Focus on Your Nail Tips

Don’t just apply nail polish on your nails beds. Focus also on their tips to seal the polish. This way, your nail polish will not chip as much as it did until now. I, personally, discovered this technique when I went to the salon for a semi-permanent manicure. But focusing on your nails tips also works when you use a normal polish for regular manicures.

4. Avoid Too Much Water and Oils

Although water is great for your skin, it isn’t as good when it comes to your manicure. Make sure your nails are dry before applying polish on them. Moreover, avoid getting them wet after a manicure. This means, you shouldn’t do the dishes right away and you should avoid swimming in a pool or going to the beach for a couple of days after applying nail polish. Lotions and oils can also make your nail polish chip. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t apply cuticle moisturizers or creams right before or after a manicure.

5. Choose High-Quality Nail Polish

Although it is true that better polishes are also more expensive, if you want a longer-lasting product, you should choose accordingly. Better nail polishes contain fewer toxic chemicals, more pigment, and better brushes. This doesn’t mean you should spend 50 dollars on a nail polish bottle. Make a balanced choice, between your budget and quality. Moreover, you should avoid quick-drying polishes.

Summing It Up

There you have it! Follow these five guidelines on how to keep nail polish from chipping next time you do your manicure. They are simple yet effective. By applying them, your manicure should last for days, without any chipping-related issues. Try them and let us know how they work for you!

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