Static hair happens because of excess static electricity in your hair. This phenomenon appears especially during winter months when we wear a lot of sweaters and other thick clothes. If you have dry hair, you will be prone to static electricity. We have come up with the best methods and tips on how to get static out of your hair.

The Most Effective Tips on How to Get Static Out of Your Hair

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#1. Use Moisturizers and Hair Creams

Moisturizers, creams, and hair serums are great when it comes to removing static out of your hair. Apply a little amount of one of these products on your locks, focusing especially on your hair’s ends. I know that those of you who have fine and think hair will not be pleased to read this but applying moisturizer on the bottom part of your strands will really help them remain in place.

#2. Use a Metal Comb

If you want to avoid static electricity from your hair, you should definitely use a [easyazon_link identifier=”B01B4SK9HA” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]metal comb[/easyazon_link] instead of a plastic one. Also, hairbrushes are also bad when it comes to static hair. They create more friction. Choose a wide-tooth comb to reduce friction. Metal combs are better than plastic ones, because they discharge the electric charges from your hair, reducing static.

#3. Use Dryer Sheets on Your Locks

Plenty of women use this method, and they state it works effectively. When it comes to how to get static out of your hair, this is probably one of the best solutions. All you have to do is rub the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01ALAV2QY” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]sheets[/easyazon_link] on your combs and brushes before getting your hair untangled. Moreover, you can also run these sheets through your locks to tame those pesky strands. Keep your combs and hairbrushes wrapped in these dryer sheets during wintertime. This way, you will keep them static-free.

#4. Apply Hair Oil

Hot oil treatments work great on static hair. They will lower static electricity, maintaining your locks healthy and nourished. Oils such as lavender, coconut, olive, and others are effective for many beauty and health-related issues such as skin, weight loss, and hair. Apply some oil on your hair ends before blow drying it. This will keep your strands moisturized, preventing dryness and static. Pour a couple of drops on your fingers and then finger comb your hair with the oil. Avoid touching your scalp. Otherwise, your hair might get greasy.

#5. Crank Up the Humidifier

Many women state that a [easyazon_link identifier=”B018CLNEOM” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]humidifier[/easyazon_link] prevents static hair. It seems that this tip on how to get static out of your hair is one of the simplest and most effective tricks. A humidifier increases your room’s moisture level, which eliminates the static issue. Moreover, this is a long-term solution.

Wrapping It Up

I know how difficult is to create and maintain a decent hairstyle when your locks have static electricity. This is why I presented all the above solutions and effective tips on how to get static out of your hair. They are easy to apply and work great for any hair type, especially dry one, which is more prone to static problems. Get rid of that nasty frizz with the above methods.

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