If you obtained an unwanted result after dying your hair and you want to know how to get red out of hair, you need to take a look at these tricks. However, the methods mentioned below do not guarantee 100% effectiveness, but they will help you fade that red color off your hair. When trying to get rid of a hair color, make sure you start with the least-damaging method. If that one does not work, you can proceed to bleaching or some other harsh methods that can help you.

  1. Bleaching

If you had an accident with your hair dye last time you wanted to change your color, then you might want to try bleaching your hair. However, you should try bleaching after you have tried several other methods and they did not work. Bleaching can severely damage your hair. Therefore, if it is not necessary, you should avoid this method. Nevertheless, despite the damage it causes, it is very efficient.

This method proved to be very effective to get rid of semi-permanent dyes. However, it is less effective when it comes to permanent colors.

  1. Vitamin C Treatment

This is a DIY remedy to help you fade your hair color. You will only need household ingredients. Due to the fact that vitamin C is an acid, it may cause irritation to your scalp. This method is more effective when it comes to semi-permanent colors. Furthermore, it can fade your hair color up to 2 levels of tone. Even if this might not damage your natural color, it is likely to determine dryness to your hair.

To develop this recipe, you will need shampoo and effervescent Vitamin C tablets. You need to crush the tablets in a bowl until you get a powder. After mixing the powder with the shampoo, you need to immediately apply it. Spread the mixture all over your hair. Leave it in for no more than 10 minute and then rinse your hair. Do not forget about using a conditioner. Otherwise, your hair will be pretty dry.

Red hair

Learning how to get red out of hair can help you regain your natural color.

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  1. Color Remover

Color removers are of two types: color reducers and color strippers. Specialists say that color strippers are similar to bleach. Nevertheless, color reducers are perfect for removing the red color off your hair with minimal damage. Color reducers do not affect the natural color of your hair. They only remove the artificial pigment.

You can use a color remover at least two or three times to make sure you get rid of that unwanted permanent color. It will shrink the color molecules from the hair, making them easier to wash out. It is crucial to follow the instructions precisely. If they indicate that you need to wash your hair for 20 minutes, then you better do it to obtain the best results.

  1. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This might sound crazy, but it really works. It can remove unwanted tones, helping you get rid of a red hair dye. Wash your hair with this shampoo a few times, and your hair color will lighten up significantly.

Summing up, these tips and tricks on how to get red out of hair can really help you. Make sure you always follow the instructions and hydrate your hair to avoid or ameliorate hair damage.