Here are some simple steps which could help you learn how to apply false eyelashes. First, you should trim your lash strips if they are a little too long. Use a small brush or an applicator to make sure you apply the appropriate amount of lash glue on the outer side of the lash strips.

Then, you need to put the false eyelashes on your eyelid immediately above your natural lashes. Let the glue dry and use some liquid liner to cover the area where your lash stripes were applied. You should also apply some mascara to offer more volume.

Let’s see these steps in detail.

Trim the lashes

Before applying these lash strips, make sure you trim them. Otherwise, you risk having extremely long and unnatural eyelashes. Also, you need to establish whether they are too wide for your eyes and then trim them from both sides. Keep in mind the fact that you may let some of the lashes in the strips be longer towards your eyes’ outer corners.

Glue the lash

Take the glue and apply it to the outer seam of your strip. To correctly do this, you need to use a small thin brush or an applicator. Let the glue dry for a while before putting it on your lashes. If you want to make sure everything will stay in place, you can place a thin line of glue onto the back of your hand. Next, you need to run the outer part of your lash strip along that line of glue.

Place the lash strip

Now that the glue is on, you just need to fix the lash strip, positioning it closer to your lashes. Make sure you do not bring the strip down from the front but from above. This technique will help you stick the lash strip closer to the lash line.

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Learning how to apply false eyelashes can help you have an incredible look.

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Let the glue dry

Avoid holding or pressing the false eyelash once you set the lash strip in place. Let the glue dry naturally to make sure you will not displace the lashes.

Apply mascara

Use some mascara to blend your natural lashes with your new lash strips, obtaining a more natural look. You can opt for a gray, brown or black mascara.

Liquid liner

To fill in the spaces between the natural lashes and the false ones, you need to apply some liquid eyeliner. Make sure you will apply it exactly between the lash strips and your natural lashes to make it look natural. You can match your eyeliner with your mascara if you feel like it. Use a gray, brown or black eyeliner for a perfect look.

When removing

When you decide to remove your eyelashes, make sure you use some makeup remover and a q-tip. You should gently rub the makeup remover along the lash line and then let it sit for a minute. Next, you can easily pull off the lash strip.

Summing up, your eyes will steal the hearts of many with these incredible lash strips which will give you an exquisite look.