Learning how to apply bronzer to obtain perfect results can help you have an amazing glow and a spectacular look this summer. A bronzer can help you conceal blemishes and even unequal skin pigmentation. Furthermore, it can also help you have a sun-kissed face without going to the beach.

The sun exposes the skin to UV rays which can damage the skin. A bronzer is a safer alternative. Furthermore, it is an easy-to-use option, offering you a golden brown effect. A bronzer contains an active ingredient, namely DHA, which offers a golden glow. Let’s take a look at some tutorials which will indicate how to correctly apply bronzer for best results.

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You can either use a matte bronzer or one with a little bit of shimmer. Use a stippling brush to perfectly apply the bronzer starting from the forehead. Then, continue with your cheeks and chin. Furthermore, apply it on your jawline because you wouldn’t want your face to look different than your neck. Just blend in a little bit on your neck too. Do not use it on the entire face. To make the bronzer more believable, you need to apply blush and highlighter.

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First, you need to choose the right appropriate color for your skin tone. You don’t want to look sunburnt. Make sure the color of the bronzer matches your natural face color. Use a small brush to avoid a patchy look. Try to not get too much bronzer on your brush. Start with your cheek bone and bring it down towards your mouth and blend it. Furthermore, you need to bring the color down to the jaw line.

From your cheek, go up to your forehead. Make sure you blend it in properly. In the end, do a very light sweep from the nose to the cheek bones.

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Make sure you use bronzer in small doses and continue that way. Otherwise, you cannot take it off unless you apply extra powder on it. Start with your temple bone and go towards your cheek into some sort of a C shape. Brush it into your hairline to look as natural as possible. Make sure you do not bring the bronzer on your check, entirely covering it.

You need to have room for your blush, too. Finally, go from your nose down to your cheek in a straight line with a small amount of bronzer. Also, you will need to apply some on your neck, too. Therefore, make sure it’s blending into your skin tone.

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Choose a bronzer that resembles a natural tan, giving you that sun-kissed look. Do not apply it all over your face! Apply it only where the light naturally hits you. Start by applying it on your cheek bone and go up your temple, towards your hairline. Make sure you blend in correctly.

Summing up, all these beauty tips related to bronzers can help you look amazing throughout the whole summer.