How often can you dye your hair? You need some professional advice on this one to make sure you maintain your hair healthy, shiny and strong. First, we need to become familiar with all the types of hair coloring processes that exist. The first type is temporary, which usually lasts for only a couple of shampoos before it goes off.

The second type is known as semi-permanent which is recommended by specialists when you want to have a lighter color, and it lasts a couple of weeks. The next type we are going to discuss is demi-permanent which is usually applied when you want a darker color for your hair, and it can last no more than six weeks. The last type of hair coloring processes is permanent which lasts until you cut it off.

How often can you dye your hair? Some experts provide pieces of advice

Jason Backe, the CEO of Ted Gibson Beauty and L’Oréal Professionnel Ambassador, claims that if you want to change your color into a darker one than you can dye your hair as many times you want. Nevertheless, he stated that if you decide to wear a  lighter color on your hair than it’s a little bit trickier.

Dyed hair

How often can you dye your hair? It depends on the change your want to make.

Sean Godard, a Redken artist, argues that when you decide to dye your hair into a lighter color, then you should wait at least 4 to 6 weeks in between hair coloring processes to avoid damaging your hair and also too much regrowth. Regrowth can leave banding in your hair. Banding occurs when you leave your roots to grow too much and when you apply the new dye, it overlaps with the old color.

If you decide to apply a darker color, then you can dye your hair whenever you feel like it

The result is a horizontal ‘band’ around the head, close to the roots. If your hair color is platinum, it’s extremely important to prevent colors from overlapping, especially since bleaching or stripping your hair can cause a lot of harm. Nevertheless, Godard indicated that if you want to have your hair just a shade or a level lighter or darker, then you could go to the salon every week to have a particular acid applied on the hair. The demi-permanent-like acid will not damage the hair. Godard advises his clients to use Redken Shades EQ. This product offers your hair a lot of shine and condition.

Lorean Cairns, the creative director and co-founder of NYC’s Fox & Jane Salon, points out that applying this type of product several times will not damage your hair as bad as dying it too often. Over-dying your hair could lead to mid-length breakage. Moreover, you also risk for the color to go off quickly. Even if the ends of your hair absorb more color compared to the rest of it, once you over-color it and deplete it of nutrients, the pigments will not have anything to grab onto.

Cairns argues that this damaging to the hair can develop a vicious cycle, making your color to fade, so you want to dye your hair even more often.

All in all, to avoid damaging your hair, you should try color-safe conditioners and shampoos and also UV protectant for your hair. When you go to a salon, you should request a treatment like L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond or Redken pH-Bonder to maintain the integrity of your hair.