If you want the short and simple answer to this question, here it is. They receive the help of professionals. The truth is that no amount of whitening toothpaste, gum, or mouthwash will help you get teeth as white as Sofia Vergara’s. However, once you have them, with the help of your dentist, there are tricks you can do to maintain them that way. So, how do celebrities keep their teeth so white?

Tips and Tricks

  1. Buy an electric toothbrush. Dentists tend to believe that it’s far better than a regular one when it comes to removing stains. In fact, it can brighten your smile in just one week of using it regularly, twice a day, in combination with a whitening toothpaste.
  2. Banana peels whiten teeth. Yes, that is correct. They have a bunch of compounds that can help make your teeth look brighter. All you need to do is rub the inside of the peel, with the soft side on your teeth. Then try to keep your mouth open and your lips away from your teeth for about 10 minutes. Brush your teeth, and you’re done. Plus, how much fun is it imagining Brad Pitt rubbing his teeth with a banana peel?
  3. Vaseline keeps stains at bay. Have some on you at all times and apply a little bit on your teeth before you eat or drink. This concoction does not dissolve in water. Therefore, all liquids that you drink, except for alcohol and fatty ones will not stain your teeth. The Vaseline acts like a barrier.
  4. Straws can help as well. If you don’t want to stain your teeth at all, you can always drink everything through straws. In this way, liquids that stain, such as coffee, wine, black and green tea, will never even touch your teeth.
  5. Wait for the staining liquids to cool off a bit. In other words, if you drink them while they’re hot, you will have to keep them longer in your mouth, allowing them precious seconds to create yellow stains on your teeth.
  6. Adding milk to your coffee and tea reduces the danger of these dark liquids staining your teeth. Therefore, never forget to put some in there.
  7. Bold lipsticks are a magical illusion. All dark lipsticks and especially the ones that have a blue undertone will create a color contrast that will make your teeth appear a few shades whiter than they really are. As if by magic, no less!
  8. Go to your dentist. As mentioned in the beginning, if you really want to know how do celebrities keep their teeth so white, this is it. For a really white set of teeth, you do have to see a professional.

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Here are the eight tips and tricks we promised on how do celebrities keep their teeth so white. Isn’t it fun to imagine people like Angelina Jolie and Benedict Cumberbatch rubbing Vaseline on their teeth and only sipping coffee through straws so as not to stain their teeth?