The second it appeared, hiplet changed everything you knew about ballet, hip-hop, and exercising at the same time. A new-born form of art and training, it comes with an interesting history and infinite potential. You may have seen it performed one way or the other in the movie franchise “Save the last dance”. As a form of dance and body movement, similar dance fusions extend back much further than the 1990s. However, its origins can be traced back to Homer Hans Bryant’s 1994 “Rap Ballet.” Today we will take a very close look at hiplet and its power of seduction as a dance and as a workout routine.

What is Hiplet, Exactly?

According to journalists, “much of the appeal of Hiplet is the sheer newness of seeing classically-trained ballet dancers plié and pirouette and then break out into a sassy nae-nae.” Bringing together two of the most complicated, challenging, old, and breath taking in the world and mixing them into a new form of art is not for everybody. However, Homer Bryant has a dream: turning hiplet into a Broadway sensation in the immediate future.

The lovely ladies from the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center perform this dance on pointe shoes. Imagine pliés, pirouettes and jetés perfectly blended in hip-hop edgy choreography, sharp moves, and powerful body expression. This is a show we all want to see for ourselves.

Homer Bryant trademarked the name of this dance in 2007. A decade later, hiplet is all the rage not only when it comes to dancing, but also to physical exercise. It wasn’t until recently, though, that it hit the mainstream, with Bryant’s dancers turning one of their videos into a viral social media wave that shook the internet.

Who Can Perform Hiplet?

According to Bryant, anybody can manage to perform hiplet with the proper training. Of course, if you want to use the dance as a physical workout, the pointe shoes may not be your best friends. Some say that ballet is rather formal and stiff, while hip-hop is free and creative. This is why hiplet comes as the perfect hybrid for those who want to follow discipline in the most entertaining of ways. If you want to try something else besides elliptical workouts and leg fat workouts, this may be your new best friend.

Dance, as a form of exercise, is not new. In fact, dance is one of the greatest types of body builders, health enhancers, and figure shapers, as it works all your muscles and bones. Dancing, in general, teaches you coordination, attention, and discipline. It keeps you focused, engaged, and incredibly happy. Now take all these benefits and translate them to hiplet, adding the fact that mixing ballet moves with hip-hop ones will solicit you head to toe.

As a form of exercise and fitness workout, hiplet will help you:

  • Improve body flexibility while reducing stiffness (in turn, you will feel joint-pain relief)
  • It will tremendously lower your stress levels – just like any dance does
  • It is an amazingly fun way of keeping your heart healthy and your cardiovascular system free from diseases
  • It will help you lose weight harmoniously
  • You will master body balance
  • You will feel energized, less depressed, less anxious, and full of vibrant positive energy
  • You will get to make new friends – in case you find a hiplet school for beginners to introduce you to such dance/workout classes together with other adventurers like you.

Dancing on our tiptoes…

What would you prefer as an exercise between core body workouts and hiplet? Do you think you have what it takes to learn some new moves and shake your body to the rhythm?

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