If you want to cover gray hairs in a natural way, henna hair dye is the perfect alternative for you. Also, it is a great choice for those of you who have sensitive skin. Besides its coloring properties, henna protects your hair from both sunlight and cosmetic products damages. It nourishes your scalp, smoothing your hairs and even making it thicker. Make sure that after every time you use henna, you also apply a hair treatment such as essential oils.

Best Tips On How to Use Henna Hair Dye

using henna as a natural hair dye

How to Apply It – Guidelines

  • Use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair and wait a couple of hours, before applying henna hair dye. Your hair should be freshly washed before doing this process. You can even use apple cider vinegar to rinse your locks.
  • Measure henna hair dye in a glass bowl. It should be about three times its size.
  • Prepare some hot water. An extra tip: you can also use coffee or herbal tea. These will add scent to the entire mix. Make sure you have enough water for the paste. This way, it will not get dry.
  • Add one of the above things (water, coffee, tea) to the henna. Mix it gently until it becomes a smooth paste. It should be a little thicker than ketchup. Pay attention not to let big chunks of dry powder in the bowl.
  • Put on some protective gloves. Make sure to cover all areas around your house where you will apply henna hair dye, to not make a mess. Split your hair into multiple parts and start applying the mix beginning with your roots. Work quickly. Otherwise, the henna might get dry.
  • After you have covered all your hair, use a shower cap to keep it together. Around the shower cap, place a headband to seal it. The final step is to create a turban-like by using a towel.
  • Clean the henna with water and use a conditioner. Wait at least 48 hours before applying shampoo or other products.

Coloring Tips

  • If you use a bright-colored henna hair dye, apply lemon juice or vinegar on your hair. This will brighten the color of your locks, which will make the henna look more vivid on your hairs.
  • Coffee, tea or cinnamon are used to darken hair before applying the dye.
  • You can also use essential oils if you want to change your hair’s shades and effects.

Hair Care Best Practices

  • Mix henna with gingili oil. This combination will boost your hair growth while reducing hair fall.
  • Combine a couple of henna cups with hibiscus powder and orange peel powder. Add this mix to your conditioner, and put in on your locks every time you wash your hair.
  • Adding lemon to your henna hair dye helps reducing dandruff, and it even prevents it from appearing.

Putting It All Together

Choosing henna hair dye will create a pleasant and rich color without irritating your scalp. However, make sure you cover all the areas around your house where you want to do this process. Henna is well-known as a messy ingredient. If you have longer hair, you must be extra careful with this. On the bright side, henna is not a damaging treatment, and it lasts longer than artificial dyes.

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