If you’re anything like us, then you’re surely counting down the days to Halloween. You’ve got your costume, mask or makeup, and candy all ready, but what about your nails? Being the beauty queen that you are, you didn’t forget about those, did you? Don’t worry. We’re here to lend you a helping hand. Here are three Halloween nail art ideas that can become part of any costume.

1. Day of the Dead – Sugar Skulls Nail Art Tutorial | Naio Nails

Let’s start off with some sugar skulls on your nails. If you’re familiar with the concept of Dia de Los Muertos, then you know what sugar skulls are and how beautiful they can be. If not, the amazingly talented Kirsty from Naio Nails is here to explain all about them. She’s also going to show us how to paint them on our nails for the big night.

When you finish watching this amazing tutorial, not only will you have learned how to do them but you will have had a lot of fun doing it as well. This beauty blogger is super funny and creative and, fair warning, her videos are addictive. We watched about five before we could stop. Find more of her on her YouTube Channel.


2. Witches Flying over Moon Nail Art Design Tutorial | Robin Moses Nail Art

The second tutorial we’ve chosen for our list of Halloween nail art ideas is a classic one – witches flying over the moon. Sit back and let the amazing Robin Moses teach you how to create this wonderful pattern right at home. All you need are a couple of nail polishes, some tools, and a lot of inspiration. Or, you know, some stencils, in case drawing is not your forte.

Although, you should know that this design was meant for beginners. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go at home. Let Robin lead the way and watch more of her amazing stuff on her YouTube page.


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3. Halloween Nails for Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Tutorial | Nails by Freckles

Would you keep it a secret if we told you these are our guilty pleasure? We know you would. As far as Halloween nail art ideas go, we just cannot help it. We loved the movie too much, and beauty vlogger Nails by Freckles simply knocked it out of the ballpark with these designs. There are three drawings which you can use for your nails, in amazing shades of black and purple, spiked here and there with white and yellow.

First, she will show you how to create the hilltop where Jack Skellington sings, then the graveyard, and finally the Oogie Boogie Man. How cool is that? Do you want to know what’s even cooler? You don’t even have to put a lot of effort into them because most of the designs require stencils. This means you can totally pull this off at home. Way to go Nails by Freckles for introducing us to this great hack!


Halloween is getting closer and closer, and you need to decide how your nails are going to look like. Therefore, here’s a final tip. Watch these videos, try all the Halloween nail art ideas we suggested, see which one you like best and then write all your thoughts and impressions in the comment section below!