If the wedding bells are clinging, then you surely have a lot of preparations to do, especially the wedding dress and your hairstyle. Therefore, you should know that half up half down wedding hairstyles are very trendy right now, giving you a princess look on your special day.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles to Look Amazing

Wavy Hairstyle for the Bride

by Confessions of a Hairstylist

If you are still testing different hairstyles for your wedding day, you should definitely test this one and you will maybe stick with it.

First, separate your hair in a portion on top and four sections on the bottom. Start with the top section, apply termo-styling spray to protect your hair from damaging and start curling it. After curling a strand of hair with your curling iron, make sure you pin the curled section and allow it to cool down. Repeat this technique for all your hair strands.

Release all the clips after curling all your hair. Now you obtained some voluminous curls. Section your hair underneath the top section you had before curling. Braid a simple braid and pin it to your head. Use a matte texturizing cream for the top section to define the curls. Split the top section into 2-inch sections and twist the hair back. Pin it into where your braid is, underneath the hair. The braid serves as a cushion.

Use a finishing spray to set the hairstyle. This looks amazing! This is a gorgeous half up half down wedding hairstyle.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Curls

by Braidsandstyles12

Start by splitting your hair into two sections, a bottom one and a top one and then use your curling wand to curl your hair. Leave the strand of hair on the curling wand for about 8 seconds and then hold it for about 5 seconds in your hand to cool down and drop it. Repeat this for all the strands of hair. Shake the curls a bit and then take a top section of hair and back-comb it.

The section should be at your crown area. Use hair spray on the back-combed area. Twist that section of hair at the back and cross it with clips or bobby pins. Now go back to the front section and do two braids on both sides and pin them at the back of your head.

The hair that is left over, divide it in half and wrap it around itself. Pin these at the back of your head, underneath the two thin braids. Now you have the most amazing wedding hairstyle ever!

Dutch Fishtail Braids Hairstyle

by Missy Sue

Section your hair, clipping up the top portion. Pick small sections of hair and curl them, one should be curled towards the face while the next should be curled away from the face. Continue curling the rest of your hair. Alternating the directions will offer you more volume. Do a Dutch fishtail braid, constantly adding more hair. Braid towards the back of your head and secure it with bobby pins.

Repeat the same technique for the other side of your head. Pull the braids on the edges to make them bigger. Now, put the braids one above the other at the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins. This is a fantastic style that will work perfectly if you are a braids maid.

Gathering our brushes

When preparing for your wedding or your BFF’s wedding, make sure your hairstyle looks gorgeous and perfectly matches your dress. These stunning half up half down wedding hairstyles can make you look spectacular on special occasions. Enjoy the party!

Image Source: Pinterest