At one point in our lives, we have all been there. Growing out your short hair can indeed be a struggle, especially when you are in these awkward stages when it doesn’t seem to look good no matter what you do. That in-between length and shape can drive some of us crazy. This is exactly why we have decided to create a list of hairstyles for growing out short hair that will be comfortable to wear on any occasion and most importantly, will also look very good and effortless.

Creating pretty hairstyles out of that bizarre in-between length can be a huge pain. It may feel awkward, it may look weird and most importantly, people can usually tell what you’re trying to do. The whole idea about the following hairstyles is that they won’t look like you’re trying to do something with that awkward length. Instead, they look like pretty and cool hairstyles that anyone can wear on any occasion and look very good. So, here are our top picks for hairstyles for growing out short hair that you will surely want to try at home if you struggle with your hair length too.

1.      Slicked back look

If you had short hair, or even a pixie cut, when the hair grows, that in-between period can sometimes look unorganized and even shaggy. But feat not! There is a solution for this which will keep your hair in place while looking very good too. Use some pomade and slick your hair back as evenly as possible. Focus on the crown of your head. You will see that your growing hair will suddenly look very chiseled and pretty without much effort. You can do this trick even when your hair is already long, and it will still look very good.

2.      Braided bangs

The braided bangs trick is as old as time, but it still works like a dream. When they’re growing out, bangs look the most horrible at the in-between length. They are not short and not long either, but rather a bizarre-looking length and shape that you surely want to hide. When they are not long enough to reach your ear, that’s when the worst part happens. Worry not! We have the solution for you! Simply create a braid to keep them in place around your head. You can also only twist them, and the hairstyle will still look cute and pretty. It’s also very practical and looks like the most effortless look ever.

3.      A mini lower bun

A lower bun can be done with any length of hair and it will still look cool and effortless. You can do this when your growing hair is still too short for a braid or a pony tail. Simply create a mini bun out of it and secure it behind your head with an elastic and some bobby pins, if they’re needed. It’s chic, pretty, and takes about ten seconds to do.

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our list of hairstyles for growing out short hair? Are you struggling with “the awkward phase” too? If yes, will you try some of them? Let us know what you came up with down below!

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