When you are looking for new hairstyles for medium hair, you need to know that shoulder-length hair is versatile and generous, allowing you to get as creative as you can. No matter if you have curly hair or straight hair, we found some natural and gorgeous four hairstyles for medium hair that you would love!

1. Thick Hair: Swept and Tousled

tousled hairstyle for medium hair

Medium hairstyles for thick hair are easy to achieve if you keep things simple. This particular haircut can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, without losing a bit of is simple elegance and beauty. Tousle your hair for texture and sweep the front across to get a side parting effect with a swooping fringe. If you also wear multiple hair colors or love some darker/lighter highlights, this hairstyle is exactly what you were looking for!

2. Twisty Back Tail

back tail hair syle

If you want to keep your hair away from your face this summer and look cool, natural, and casually chic, try this hairstyle for medium hair:

  • Get a thick strand of hair from each part of your head and twist it to get a loose rope;
  • Get the two strands together at the back of your head and secure them with an elastic; use a clear elastic for a more styled-up look or a brightly colored one to match a jolly maxi summer dress or a casual city outfit.
  • Keep everything in place with a bit of hairspray.

3. Two Braids, Endless Opportunities

hair braids

One of the hairstyles for medium hair we love most is this one – based on two braids. It can turn into anything you want. The main trick here is to braid two thick strands of hair starting with your forehead line.

  • Part your hair in a median line to split your hair into two equal sides;
  • Start braiding tight the first strand of hair and secure it in the back with an elastic;
  • Braid the second strand of hair tight and secure it with an elastic (make sure you keep the two braids symmetric).
  • At the back of your head, you can choose how to finish the hairstyle: leave the two tails on your back, twist or wrap them together in a low bun; gather them together in a single tail, etc.

4. The Three-Twist Sweet Hairstyle

three braids how to

Speaking about twists, we need to show you a simple and sweet hairstyle you can sport at work or any party, no matter how pretentious. Specialists recommend this haircut to women with short-to-medium hair and thick hair. Let us see how you can achieve it:

  • Take a strand of hair starting from your forehead line and right on the medium line of your head. Loosely twist it then secure it with a thin elastic
  • Take a strand from the side of your head and twist it, securing it with an elastic as well;
  • Repeat the twist with a strand on the other side of your head (mind the symmetry!)
  • Take the three twisted tails and gather them together with a hair tie;

If you have medium-to-long hair and want an even more stylish hairstyle, you can try this hairdo with four or five twisted strands for a more ravishing effect!

In Conclusion

Most hairstyles for medium hair are easy to achieve as long as you keep things simple. They’re great if you’re busy and you do not feel like dedicating hours to complicated hairdos. Remember you can style them up with flashy pins for parties or dress them down with office or casual outfits!

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