We all want thick and beautiful hair. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which people experience heavy hair loss. For these situations, a possible solution is a hair transplant. This is a surgical procedure that takes follicles from one part of your head and applies them to the balding area. The first part is also called the “donor site.” Many patients feel more confident after a hair transplant. Keep reading to find out which are the best clinics in the United States, for this type of medical technique.

The Best Hair Transplant Clinics in The US

hair transplant procedure

Hair Sciences Center, Colorado

This hair transplant clinic provides a wide range of services and medical procedures such as laser therapy, strip method, and others. Dr. Harris takes good care of all his patients. He is a world renown surgeon. He has even won plenty of awards for his revolutionizing inventions. Dr. Harris is one of the most appreciated influencers when it comes to robotic FUE technology. If you choose to make an appointment to this clinic, their experts will answer all your questions.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, New York

If you need a hair restoration treatment for your hair loss, you can always make an appointment to Dr. Epstein. He is a true expert in FUE techniques. Furthermore, his treatments will not leave your scalp scared. Dr. Epstein has a fully-trained surgical assistants team. All of them have more than ten years of experience in the hair transplant field. Besides fixing your locks, Dr. Epstein is also great at other things like eyebrow transplantation, rhinoplasty, and reconstructive surgery. All in all, he can offer you a total makeover.

Tom Rosanelli, San Francisco

Dr. Rosanelli works in the hair transplant field since 1986. He has plenty of experience and knowledge. His treatment methods include FUE, laser, and FUS procedures. Dr. Rosanelli has an experience of over 30 years in the medical world. He is both a dedicated and skilled doctor, being a member of the American Medical Association. A beautiful set of hairs awaits you if you decide to go to this clinic.

James E. Vogel, Maryland

Dr. Vogel’s clinic not only offers hair transplant procedures for both men and women, but also other facilities such as liposuctions, breast augmentation, facelifts, and more. He truly understands what people who experience hair loss are going through. Dr. Vogel is an experienced plastic surgeon. Therefore, the entire medical world appreciates his effective hair restoration solutions. He also delivers speeches to other professional colleagues at different conferences and events.

Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration, New York

Both ARTAS robotics and FUE technologies are used at this hair transplant clinic. It is a top-notch medical center located in midtown Manhattan. Their team consists of certified physicians who provide an accurate diagnosis as well as effective treatments. Besides being a great successful hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Robert M. Bernstein is also an appreciated dermatology professor at Columbia University. Moreover, he is an internationally renowned doctor, and he developed the Follicular Unit Transplantation.

Final Words

Bottom line, a hair transplant procedure can make a difference in someone’s life. It can make you feel more confident with the way you look. Before making a decision, you should find out as many details as possible about this treatment as well as about clinic options and surgeons. The above-described places are some of the best in America.

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