If you want to try a bunch of different haircuts and styles, without actually cutting your hair, you can try using a hair styler app. It is a good and safe way to see how good you will look with natural curls or a bob haircut before stepping into your favorite salon. Here are the best hair styling apps you should consider.

Top 5 Greatest Hair Styler App Options to Try

various hairstyles in an app

1. Hair Style Changer

This is definitely one of the best hair styler app choices you can play with. So far, more than 100,000 people have downloaded it, contributing to its increased popularity. All you have to do is upload your photo and then try several hairstyles to see which one suits your features best. There are hundreds of haircuts and colors available to pick from. What is great about this app, is the fact that both men and women can use it. Moreover, it is totally free of charge.

2. Celebrity Hairstyle Salon

You can install this hair styler app from the Google Play Store. Although the initial version is free, there are certain in-app purchases you can make if you want. Both this app and the one described above are created in English as their main language. You must upload a photo of you and start experimenting with plenty of hairstyles before making your final choice. On the right of the screen, you will find a rotary menu where you can pick hair colors and style from. What makes this app differentiate from others, is the fact that it enables you to add accessories such as earrings, hats, and others.

3. Hairstyle Mirror

This app will provide a wide range of hairstyle to pick from. One great feature of this app is its ability to follow your face in real time. You can even adjust your chosen hairdo’s brightness or completely change its color. You will definitely have lots of fun while trying hundreds of hairstyles from the app’s categories: short, long, medium, special, and even crazy sections.

4. Hair Salon

Hair Salon app enables you to choose any picture you want from the available album so that you can see how different haircuts look on you. Moreover, it lets you figure out the way a haircut looks when you give a specific pose, or you wear a certain dress. The app’s face detection system makes this app really useful and popular.

5. Insta Hair Style Salon

This is a free hair styler app, available only on iPhones. Shenzhen Bigger Lens LLC developed this app to help users see the way they look like when wearing different hair styles or colors. If you are not sure what kind of hairdo will suit your facial features, this is the perfect app to play with. It can do the trick for you. You will dye your hair and try several haircuts digitally and free of charge.

Wrapping It Up

Do you want to try different haircuts and hairstyle but you are still afraid to cut your hair because you don’t know how it will turn out? Well, the solution for you is trying our recommended hair styler app choices. Most of them are free of charge, and they can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

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